Orthodontics Courses

Orthodontics Long Course 2017

An increasing number of dentists are incorporating orthodontics into their practices. This is a series of three coordinated courses designed with those dentists in mind. They are spread over a period of time to allow meaningful, clinical hands-on experience to be gained. This format of the Continuing Education Orthodontics Series is unique and is not offered anywhere else in Australia.

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Mixed dentition orthodontic treatment: what's normal? what goes wrong? how to fix it | Friday 27 October 2017

The course will aid general dentists who want to add mixed dentition orthodontic treatment to their repertoire, without necessarily reporting to full fixed appliance treatment. Hygienists and therapists interested in recognising developing occlusal abnormalities will also benefit. We will run through normal occlusal development and look at the common departures from normal and look in detail at ways to treat abnormality that are appropriate to general dental practice.

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