The 2014 Orthodontics Series


A series of three coordinated courses

  • "These are the only hospital based course in Australia run by university academic staff" Professor Ali Darendeliler
  • This format is unique and is not offered anywhere else in Australia.

An increasing number of dentists are incorporating orthodontics into their practices. This is a series of three coordinated courses designed with those dentists in mind. They are spread over a period of time to allow meaningful, clinical hands-on experience to be gained.

Course participants are assigned patients to manage under the supervision of University appointed tutors. Participants take full orthodontic records and prepare their treatment plans in a group seminar situation.

At the clinical sessions participants will place the fixed appliances and manage the cases through to the removal of fixed appliances and the fitting of retainers. Participants will also see orthodontic patients on review and in retention from previous course participants.

Dates have now been released for Orthodontics 1 and Orthodontics 2. Please refer to the course pages for further information.

If have any questions about our Orthodontics program please contact Continuing Education in Dentistry on 02 9351 8348 or send an email to Orthodontics 2014 Enquiry

The Orthodontics program is structured as three coordinated courses

Orthodontics 1 - Pre-requiste for Ortho 2 or standalone refresher

For orthodontic treatment to be successful at any level, it is essential to have a basic understanding of normal growth and development of the dento-facial complex and to possess the skills to recognise developing malocclusion. More information

Orthodontics 2 - a unique course combining theory and practice

This course is both clinical and theoretical with chairside sessions, lectures and seminars. The Orthodontics course is unique as it is the only hospital based course run by university academic staff. Each of the monthly sessions consists of morning lectures and practical sessions with patient treatment in the afternoon. More information.

Orthodontics 3 - further enhance your knowledge

This course is both clinical and theoretical with chairside sessions, lectures and seminars. This course is designed to allow those who have completed Orthodontics I to further pursue and apply the presented treatment philosophies. More information.


The course is delivered by some of the most experienced orthodontic specialists in Australia and include: