Prosthodontic Courses

Extended Fixed Prosthodontics 1

Extended Fixed Prosthodontics is the most comprehensive short course in Australia in prosthodontics, with a history of over thirty continuous years’ service. Participants in 2018 can record 43 hours of CPD and the course is convened by Dr Agnes Lai. Our group of 14 presenters comprises dental specialists, leading university educators, a dual-qualified Solicitor-Dentist and one of Sydney's most experienced dental ceramists.

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Extended Fixed Prosthodontics 2 - Implantology

Extended Fixed Prosthodontics 2: Implantology is an intensive and comprehensive course on implant prosthodontics. The program systematically covers the restoration of single- and short-spans with implant-borne fixed dental prostheses. Practitioners are trained in the planning and restoration of straightforward to advanced, single- and multiple-unit cases.

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Extended Fixed Prosthodontics 3 - Porcelain veneers

This course is the third in a series of intensive and comprehensive courses in Fixed Prosthodontics. Attendees will be trained in the planning and delivery of porcelain veneers for aesthetic rehabilitations utilising 3D printed models based on actual patients. Dentists will receive a set of digital templates for smile design, a full complement of burs used by our prosthodontists for veneer preparations, a customised bur stand and a veneer holding stand for use in their next day in practice.

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