Professor Iven Klineberg - A Celebration

Oral Rehabilitation Symposium

Two major events to recognise the significant contribution of Professor Iven Klineberg upon his retirement from the University of Sydney.

Oral Rehabilitation Symposium & Celebration Dinner – Friday 29 & Saturday 30 June 2018

This two day symposium will provide a unique update of clinical and research presentations from a select group of high-profile international and local speakers.

Together this group will provide a comprehensive CPD program to enhance patient care and be part of a scholarly acknowledgement of the contribution to the field of prosthodontics & oral rehabilitation by Professor Iven Klineberg.

At the conclusion of day 2 of the symposium, registrants will have the unique opportunity to join one of five concurrent sessions where they can ‘meet the international speakers’ in an intimate boardroom setting.

Join us at The Refectory, Holme Building, University of Sydney on Friday 29 and Saturday 30 June 2018. Details of registration.

Symposium overview

The symposium will recognise and celebrate the contribution of Professor Iven Klineberg, through acknowledgement of scholarly commitments to oral function and orofacial pain through presentations of clinical research from colleagues made during their enrolment in the postgraduate Master of Dental Science and then Doctor Clinical Dentistry in Prosthodontics programs, and from international and locally-based clinical scholars with whom there has been professional association and clinical research collaboration.

Presentations by international and local colleagues will include aspects of oral rehabilitation which have been of special importance to Iven Klineberg during his professional career and are of vital importance to patient care and improved outcomes.

Sessions within the program will be grouped within three key themes:

  • Implant Osseointegration
  • Occlusion
  • Function/ Dysfunction
International speakers




Implant Osseointegration

George Zarb

On Prosthodontic Interfaces: An Enduring Narrative

Implant Osseointegration

Tomas Albrektsson

On marginal bone loss around oral implants

Implant Osseointegration

John Hobkirk

Hypodontia – Its Management and the Role of Implants

Function/ Dysfunction

Barry Sessle

Targeting the plasticity of the brain for orofacial pain and motor rehabilitation

Function/ Dysfunction

Sandro Palla

Adaptation and Maladaptation to occlusal changes: The role of cortical reorganization and signal amplification

Details of registration.

Local speakers




Implant Osseointegration

Shalinie King

A high fat high fructose diet and osseointegration: A microCT analysis in a rodent model

Implant Osseointegration

Zoe Potres

Assisted wound healing and vertical bone regeneration with simultaneous implant placement: a histological pilot study

Implant Osseointegration

Alan Yap

Tooth agenesis

Implant Osseointegration

Glen Liddelow

The Immediately Loaded Single Implant-Retained Mandibular Overdenture - A 10 Year Follow-Up of a Prospective Study

Implant Osseointegration

Michael Lewis

Single Tooth Evidence - State of the Art


Anthony Au

Implications of upper airway maintenance on occlusion and oral rehabilitation


Robin Hawthorn

Surgical microscopy for tooth preparation in fixed prosthodontics


Agnes Lai

Occlusal Vertical Dimension increase and Sensorimotor Responses


Daniel Tan

Progressive oral rehabilitation, mastication and cognition 


Christine Wallace

Applications of 3D printing to Oral Rehabilitation


Terry Walton

Occlusion confusion in fixed prosthodontics


Changhee Chang

A strategy for managing neuropathic pain


Andrew Flatau

Articular attachments of the tm joint: Some anatomical and pathophysiological considerations


David Goh

Bruxism diagnosis on jaw muscle symmetry and psychological profile


Louis Kei

Possible associations between obstructive sleep apnoea and sleep bruxism – a pilot polysomnographic study


Chris Moule

Diagnostic imaging as an adjunct in the diagnosis of temporomandibular disorders


Afnan Nassar

Understanding Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD) through prevalence and associated risk factors: A multidisciplinary approach

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Two aspects of Prof Klineberg’s commitment to oral rehabilitation and patient care will provide further focus for the symposium.


Impact of development of Osseointegration for patient care 

Extended understanding of neurophysiology

In acknowledgement of the unique development of osseointegration by PI Branemark which has provided the single most significant extension of oral rehabilitation and prosthodontic care.

Osseointegration was introduced to patient care in Australia in 1981 with the support of PI Branemark in Sydney by Professor Klineberg and in Perth by Dr Patrick Henry, and has extended extraordinary benefits and outcomes, from the restoration of function and aesthetics, to the benefits of oral rehabilitation in addressing cognition and maintaining cognitive skills.

An extension of the understanding of neurophysiology led to a commitment to jaw function with studies of jaw reflexes and 3-dimensional jaw movements as an approach to better understand the management of jaw dysfunction.

This was facilitated through patient management in an orofacial pain clinic which commenced in 1980 to also support postgraduate prosthodontic training, and has managed jaw muscle and jaw joint symptoms and psychologist aspects of patient care.


Celebration Dinner in recognition of Professor Iven Klineberg's service to education - Saturday 30 June 2018

The symposium will be followed by a celebration dinner to focus on Professor Klineberg's service to education within the University of Sydney.

Cost and how to register

Symposium on Oral Rehabilitation
Course No: 152718
Date: Friday 29 & Saturday 30 June 2018
Time: Friday 29 (8am-6pm) & Saturday 30 (9am-4pm) June 2018
Venue: The Refectory, Holme Building, Science Road, The University of Sydney
CPD hours: 12
Format: Lectures and panel discussions
Symposium Fees
Costs: Earlybird registration (Pay by Tuesday 22 May 2018) $935
Standard registration $1100
University of Sydney Alumni $935
University of Sydney / NSW Health Staff $880
University of Sydney Students $330
(All prices inclusive of GST)   
Conference Dinner Fees
Date: Saturday 30 June 2018
Time: 7pm for 7.30pm commencement
Venue The Refectory, Holme Building, Science Road, The University of Sydney
Costs: Standard $180
University of Sydney Alumni $140
University of Sydney / NSW Health Staff $140
University of Sydney Students $110
(All prices inclusive of GST)   
To register: You can Pay Online using Visa and MasterCard. To pay using AMEX or to register over the phone please contact the Continuing Education office email or by calling: +61 2 9351 8348.

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