Vaccination Information

Course participants and instructors involved in hands-on treatment on patients eligible for public oral health services in NSW, are required to comply with the NSW Department of Health policies: "Occupational Assessment, Screening & Vaccination against Specified Diseases" and "Improper Conduct - procedures for Recruitment/Employment of Staff" which came into effect on 15 February 2008. Additionally Sydney South West Area Health Service (SSWHAS) is required to annually verify the credentials and NSW Dental Board registration of all Faculty-appointed Clinical Staff including participants in Continuing Education courses.

Consequently, the University of Sydney Faculty of Dentistry requires the following from you:

  1. Copy of current NSW Dental Board Registration (contact CE if you are from interstate)
  2. Current Working With Children Check Number
  3. Criminal Records Check (CRC) forms
  4. Vaccination Card, completed by your General Medical Practitioner

Policy Section 3.2 Course Participant and Instructional Staff Responsibilities

The new Occupational Assessment, Screening & Vaccination Against Specified Infectious Diseases Policy dated 21 January 2011 (PD2011_0055) requires that all individuals working in the clinical setting must provide evidence of protection against specified infectious diseases, through the Director of Continuing Education to SSWAHS, prior to commencement of all patient-treatment courses (the waiver period expires on 8 February 2008). The specified diseases include the following:

  • Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis
  • Hepatitis B
  • Measles, Mumps, Rubella
  • Tuberculosis (Mantoux test, but not BCG)
  • Varicella

Table 3 displays information regarding the acceptable evidence required to demonstrate protection against the specified diseases. Course participants who are not protected against the specified infectious diseases are not permitted to work in clinical areas.

  1. Course participants and staff must comply with the assessment, screening and vaccination requirements of this Policy, or
  2. Course participants and staff who do not consent to assessment, screening and vaccination in accordance with this Policy must acknowledge this in writing (using the Assessment, Screening and Vaccination Non-Participation Form, attached).
  3. Course participants and staff must report Adverse Events Following Immunisation to their vaccination provider, who should then report them to his/her Area Public Health Unit for follow-up.
  4. Course participants and staff must maintain their own assessment, screening and vaccination records and have them available for inspection.
  5. Course participants and staff must present for reassessment if they transfer within the organisation and there is the possibility that their risk categorisation has changed.
  6. If you need any further information regarding the new policy please check the NSW Health website
Vaccine Table