Contacting the Faculty

The following details will assist you in contacting the Faculty of Dentistry.

Doctor of Dental Medicine

Doctor of Dental Medicine (general practice dentistry) Course information

Doctor of Clinical Dentistry

Doctor of Clinical Dentistry (specialist practice dentistry) and research

Bachelor of Oral Health

Bachelor of Oral Health (dental hygiene/therapy)

Other Questions

If you have a question, please refer to 'future students'

Research Enquiries

Ph (02) 9845 7892 or

Contacting Dean's Office

Ph (02) 9351 8334 or

Contacting Dentistry Admissions Office

Ph (02) 8821 4342 (Mon- Thurs) or email

Oral Health Foundation

Ph (02) 9351 8305 or

Contacting Faculty Staff

Academic Governance
General & Professional Staff Roles and Contacts
General & Professional Staff Organisational Chart

For a list of all staff and e-mail addresses, please see the Faculty intranet. Also, you can search staff from university phonebook.