Research, clinical settings and teaching

research and teaching settings


Researchers at the Sydney Dental School are pioneering new dental treatments to improve patient outcomes. They work collaboratively to address major health issues, with a focus on three main areas; Lifespan oral health, ageing well, ageing productively, and chronic diseases.

Our innovative research is delivering advances in treatment, improving our understanding of the complex mechanisms that cause disease, promoting evidence-based teaching and driving improved health outcomes across Australia and around the world.

This research is conducted nationally and internationally in clinical labs and communities, including the Institute for Dental Research, the oldest research institute in Australia, at Westmead Hospital (Western Sydney Local Health District) and Sydney Dental School.

We offer numerous research training opportunities, with links to other health faculties, focusing on general and oral health issues in local, national and international communities.

Clinical settings

Hospital-based teaching

Our courses emphasis clinical experience, beginning in the first year of study at the Sydney Dental Hospital and Westmead Centre for Oral Health, as well as regional rotations in Bathurst, Bowral, Albury, Cessnock, Dubbo and Balina.

Teaching in functioning dental hospitals allows students the opportunity to meet patients, learn from diverse real world oral health issues, interact with dental and medical professionals, and develop an understanding of current healthcare issues.

Students also learn at simulation clinics based at Westmead Hospital and the Sydney Dental Hospital. These clinics help develop their confidence and skills to perform new procedures in a safe environment.

Teaching excellence

Academics at the Sydney Dental School are expert oral health professionals, they teach at dental hospitals and clinics, which allows our students to learn, and be supervised, by academics at the forefront of treatment and research.

Through the support of our staff, hospital staff, and our relationship with the Local Health Districts, we are able to ensure the highest quality patient care and hands-on student teaching.

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