Published Research Theses

Institute of Dental Research

  • The neurosensory structure of dental pulp facilitates the adaptive response to dental caries - Ramin Mostofi Zadeh Farahani (PhD, 2012)
  • Blinding of ABH Blood Group oligosaccharides by the lysine gingipain of Porphyromonas gingivalis - Nazila Babapoor Ghadikolaee (PhD, 2012)
  • Analysis of the Capacity of Macrophages to Sequester and Inhibit the Arginine Gingipain Porphyromonas gingivalis - Hongyu Xie (PhD, 2011)
  • Characterisation of Novel Haem Binding Proteins in the Oral Pathogen Porphyromonas gingivalis - Jinlong Gao (PhD, 2011)
  • Impact of intervention on microbial population in advanced caries - Kerstin Angner (PhD, 2011)
  • Advanced Glycation End-product in Non-Diabetic Periodontal Disease - Alireza Fathieh (MPhil, 2011)

Biomaterials Science

  • Significant Properties of universal restorative materials containing prereacted glass ionomer particles - Steven Naoum (PhD, 2013)
  • Regulation of reactionary dentin formation of odontoblasts - Nattida Charadram (PhD, 2013)
  • Mandibular Bone Remodeling Associated with Implant-retained Overdentures - Rohana Ahmad (PhD, 2012)
  • Posterior all ceramic crown design in: Occlusal and marginal consderations under the different bonded conditions - Tanapon Sornsuwan (PhD, 2012)
  • Effect of occlusal designs on the loading of implant system and bone - Pimduen Rungsiyakull (PhD, 2012)
  • Nanomechanical and Nanostructural Properties of Human Dentine: An improved understanding of the role of proteoglycans - Luiz Braga Bertassoni (PhD, 2012)

Jaw Function and Orofacial Pain Research Unit/Occlusion

  • The effect of capsaicin-induced intrao-oral mucosal pain on jaw motor activity in humans - Nan Nan Zhao (PhD, 2012)
  • Jaw movement in patients with a history of trigeminal neuropathic pain - Mamtha Bhaskaracharya - (MPhil, 2012)
  • Functional properties of the superior head of human lateral pterygoid muscle – Manish Bhutada (2006, PhD)
  • Effects of experimentally induced jaw muscle pain on jaw muscle activity and jaw movement during standardized jaw tasks – Sae-lee Daraporn (2006, PhD)
  • Functional properties of single motor units during isometric contraction in the superior head of the human lateral pterygoid muscle – Ruangsri Supanigar (2005, Masters)
  • A three dimensional study of complete denture movement – Peter Kramer (2004, Masters)

Oral Pathology and Oral Medicine

  • Complex interactions between osteosarcoma cells and endothelium - Eylul Erguven (PhD 2012)
  • Complex interactions between osteosarcoma cells and firboblasts - Manu David (PhD 2012)
  • Studies in areca nut use and its possible role in oral pre-malignancy and oral submucous fibrosis – Stephen Cox (2008, PhD)
  • Reduction in apparent stromal cell culture density through transient fusions with osteosarcoma cells – Minh Huynh (2007, PhD)
  • Apoptotic and morphometric synergies between tumour necrosis factor-a and transforming growth factor-b1 for human endothelial cells – Catherine Emmanuel (2006, PhD)
  • Studies of serum albumin in wound healing and endothelial apoptosis – Christine Bolitho (2006, PhD)


  • The feasibility of an injectable bone graft substitute to enhance the primary stability of a novel miniscrew - The Sydney Mini-Screw for orthodontic applications - Anastacia Bacopoulos (MPhil, 2012)
  • An evaluation of Orthodontically induced root resorption - Navin Sequeira (PhD, 2011)
  • The effect of whole-body vibration on the volume of primary and secondary cartilages. A Micro-CT study - Wiraya Mongkolsawan (MPhil, 2011)
  • The Effect of Fluoride on Orthodontic Root Resorption: Its Repair and Orthodontic Tooth Movement - Ersan Karadeniz (PhD, 2011)
  • Comparison of amount of root resorption between the left and right first premolars as well as between maxillary and mandibular firs premolars, following the application of continuous and controlled heavy forces for 4 weeks. A micro computed tomography scan study - Caroline Ho (MPhil, 2010)
  • Orthodontic Intervention for the Prediction of Treatment Outcome and the Reliability of 2-D vs 3-D in the Diagnoses of OSA Patients - Ashraf K Jarrar (2008, MPhil)

Population Oral Health and Clinical Epidemiology

  • Determinants of Infant Feeding Behaviour - Amit Arora (PhD, 2012)
  • Oral health education interventions in residential aged care facilities - Clare McNally (MPhil, 2012)
  • The monitor practice program. Is non-invasive management of dental caries in private dental practice cost effective? Bradley Curtis (PhD, 2011)
  • Dental student management of non-invasive intervention for dental caries – Afsaneh Pakdaman (2006, PhD)
  • Forensic dentistry and its application in age estimation from the teeth using a modified demirjian system – Matthew Blenkin (2005, Masters)

Learning and Teaching

  • Rural clinical placements for dental students: an action research study – Deborah Cockrell (2004, PhD)