The Sydney Dental School, University of Sydney, has opportunities for prospective students who are currently enrolled in a relevant degree in dentistry, within Australia or overseas, to undertake a research-based elective in Sydney.


Only research elective placements can be arranged.

Research Electives

Research at the Sydney Dental School embraces innovative research through our broad themes of Chronic Disease and Ageing well/Ageing productively. Find out more about key research areas.

You can contact the researchers directly to discuss your research project idea, or other research options.

Please also note that places are offered in order of receipt, so completed applications should be sent at least four months before the date of the proposed visit.

General application process

  1. Complete a University of Sydney application form
  2. Provide a certified copy of your transcripts in English (or provide a certified translation)
  3. Provide a current curriculum vitae (CV)
  4. Provide a letter of recommendation from the Academic Advisor from your university
  5. Provide written proof from your university that you are covered by public liability insurance for the period of your elective (in English, or provide a certified translation)
  6. Arrange personal health and/travel insurance prior to coming to Australia
  7. Provide a criminal record check (or a certified English translation) from the countries in which you have lived for at least 12 months in the last five years. The criminal record check must be dated within 12 months of the expected date of arrival at Sydney, and
  8. For research electives, you will also need to provide a short proposal which you have discussed with a Sydney university researcher.

Information for successful applicants

There are no fees for electives placements.

A certificate indicating that you have undertaken a placement of clinical observation at the School can be provided on request.

Financial Assistance
No financial assistance can be provided. You will be expected to cover all financial costs yourself, including the cost of travel and accommodation.

You will be required to arrange your own accommodation. Further information can be provided on request.

Visiting students are required to observe standards consistent with hospital and university policies of treating patients.

Apart from the obvious requirement to display a professional demeanor, you need to be aware that patients represent a diverse range of culture and customs, including dress standards; therefore visiting students need to be sensitive and considerate when selecting their attire within the clinics. Faded, frayed or dirty clothing, jeans, brief tops/skirts/shorts, shoestring straps, excessively low cut trousers, sporting attire, tops with obvious advertising or with offensive motifs, sneakers/runners, non-waterproof shoes, stilettos, thongs, sandals, “slip-ons”, or any open-toe shoe must not be worn in pre-clinical laboratory or clinic settings.

Protective Clothing
For infection control purposes, dental gowns are provided by the School for use in the clinics. These gowns are required to be worn in the clinics even if you are only observing clinical work and must be disposed of in the "dirty linen bags" provided, upon leaving the clinics.

You will need to bring your own protective eyewear as this is required in patient treatment areas.


Applications and further enquires must be sent to:

Dr Robyn Watson RDH Bsc MPA
Lecturer, Periodontics
University of Sydney
Lvl 6 Sydney Dental Hospital, Surrey Hills
Lvl 1 Westmead Centre for Oral Health, Westmead