Meet our students

As Australia’s first dental school, the Sydney Dental School has been training dental practitioners for more than 100 years. Meet some of our students and graduates.

Yasmin Samiee , student, Sydney Dental School, University of Sydney

Yasmin Samiee
Doctor of Dental Medicine

"I chose to study at the University of Sydney because the University and its Dental School are ranked among the top 50 in the world* for academic excellence. I was also drawn to the caliber of research and educational opportunities, which involves placements and service in underserved communities around Australia. I am grateful that we have been able to apply theoretical knowledge into practice so early in the course. By our third week of classes, we had already begun practicing dentistry on plastic models in our simulation clinic. Not only have we greatly improved our manual dexterity, we have become proficient and confident as clinicians. There is a strong sense of responsibility and ownership that accompanies this level of autonomy."
*QS World University Rankings by subject 2017 – Dentistry

Borna Ansari, student, Sydney Dental School, University of Sydney

Borna Ansari
Doctor of Dental Medicine

"Studying the Doctor of Dental Medicine at the University of Sydney was my top preference over other universities. It has a great overall educational reputation and you start pre-clinical sessions early on in the course. The fact that Australian degrees can be easily transferred back to Canada also encouraged me to study in Sydney. The University of Sydney also provides a great learning environment. Each week I have the opportunity to practice a range of dental procedures in the clinical environment. I also learn from lecturers who share their diverse passions and experiences from their professional practice. Learning from their outlook and experience has helped me understand the many avenues of dentistry."

Anthony Yammine, student, Sydney Dental School, University of Sydney

Anthony Yammine
Doctor of Dental Medicine

"Working in the dentistry field has been my career goal since I was 17. I chose to study my undergraduate degree at the University of Sydney with the goal of studying the Doctor of Dental Medicine with the University. The cranial and cervical anatomy has especially drawn my interests in this course. The rare opportunity to dissect the head and neck is valuable to understand dental procedures, visualise anatomical structures and variation, and develop skills in manual dexterity. The practical experience and the knowledge is helping me to find a specialising area to pursue in my dentistry career."

Aanchal Shankar, student, Sydney Dental School, University of Sydney

Aanchal Shankar
Doctor of Dental Medicine

"I chose to study the Doctor of Dental Medicine at the University of Sydney because I wanted to specialise in a specific area in health based on my undergraduate degree in medical sciences, and make a positive, tangible difference to patients in my career. From the beginning of the course there has been hands-on learning experiences. Since the first few weeks of the course, students were given the opportunity to develop their practical skills at Sydney Dental Hospital, and use tools and fill cavities. The improvement is phenomenal and very rewarding."

Edward Waters, student, Sydney Dental School, University of Sydney


Edward Waters
Doctor of Dental Medicine

"I was attracted to the Doctor of Dental Medicine at the University of Sydney because it has strong focus on research in its dental curricula, and the depth of training in the medical sciences offered within the program is also extensive. It is a real privilege to be in a clinical setting from the beginning of the course. The simulation and other facilities are first class, and the amount of clinical exposure we get from early in the degree is extensive. The knowledge of the lecturers in both clinical and basic science sides of the course is outstanding, and lecturers are all passionate about making sure students are up to date and knowledgeable. The focus on pathology has been a particular highlight for me, and has developed my interest in oral pathology and forensic dentistry."

Meet our graduates

Audrey Irish, graduate, Sydney Dental School, University of Sydney

Audrey Irish
Doctor Dental Medicine

"Being a dentist you are problem solving on a daily basis with patients whose cases can be complex and varied. It’s a hands-on career in which you get to be both a physician and a surgeon. The Doctor of Dental Medicine aims to give students as much time in the clinics as possible, which allows students to develop clinical skills. The teachers are all dentists and having that support and mentorship when things are tricky is invaluable. Dentistry offers many career opportunities – from working as a clinician, teaching at a university, undertaking research, owning your own business, working in a dental hospital, working in public health policy - the list goes on."

Renee Boreta, graduate, Sydney Dental School, University of Sydney


Renee Boreta
Bachelor of Oral Health, completed in 2015

"Each day as an oral health therapist is a rewarding experience and studying to have a dual qualification in hygiene and therapy means there is always something new and interesting each day. The profession covers a broad spectrum of health encouraging not only good oral health but also overall wellbeing. The Bachelor of Oral Health gives students a hands on and interactive approach to learning. The course provides a theoretical focus with some clinical hours in the simulation clinic and by third year you are working in hospitals around the greater Sydney area. Though the course was quite challenging at times, the faculty and cohort provided me with great support. Although, it was the skills I couldn’t learn from a textbook like perseverance, adaptability and patient rapport that I found were the most valuable."

Malake Kebbe, graduate, Sydney Dental School, University of Sydney

Malake Kebbe
Bachelor of Oral Health, completed in 2015

"Clinical exposure and the encouragement to make my own clinical decisions based on literature and knowledge gained through the Bachelor of Oral Health prepared me to tackle obstacles in the workplace. Once you get to the last year of the course you are given much more freedom to work independently. Through the many different hospitals and organisations we attended and volunteered at, I was exposed to a wide variety of patients and environments. The Bachelor of Oral Health provides the opportunity to travel to rural, regional and overseas communities for clinical practice and oral health promotion where you are able to work alongside allied health professionals. The intensity and hands on navigation of the Bachelor of Oral Health really aided in the development of my clinical skills."

Christine Tran, graduate, Sydney Dental School, University of Sydney

Christine Tran
Bachelor of Oral Health, completed in 2015

"The reason why I was interested in becoming a dental practitioner, is due to the idea of actually having the opportunity to help others in improving their health. In this profession, the knowledge and expertise that you gain are valuable qualities that you utilise in assisting others in striving for a better quality of life. With the University of Sydney, I had the opportunity to undertake dental volunteering at Mt Druitt for the homeless and socio-economically disadvantaged, along with some other dentists and students at other universities, and students studying Dentistry and Oral Health at The University of Sydney."

Alannah Flegg , student, Sydney Dental School, University of Sydney

Alannah Flegg
Bachelor of Oral Health, completed in 2015

"The SIM labs at the University have helped me to have a strong understanding of the equipment I am going to be using. From the hand instruments to the therapy products, I am confident when I am in clinical settings with patients from SIM lab. Being in the clinic has unveiled the diversity of the population and all different personality types; it has helped me adjust my oral hygiene instructions based on the type of patient. I believe that is it great to have the best clinical skills but if you can't communicate with the patient and/or their family then there is no point to all the training. Clinical sessions at the University provide the basis to learn how to communicate and motivate the patient."