The Centre at a Glance

Distributed Computing systems today underpin business, research and development in many fields, such as, engineering, finance, life and medical sciences, natural and physical sciences, and many more. In order to promote research advances in the rich field of Distributed Computing in Australia and the region, the University of Sydney announced the establishment of the Centre for Distributed and High Performance Computing near the end of 2009.

Research in Distributed and High Performance Computing (DHPC) is critical to Australia’s scientific reputation and competitiveness. This has prompted massive investments in HPC facilities and infrastructure over many years and through several national initiatives. The establishment of the Centre is intended to complement these initiatives by providing an incubator for developing scholarly activities and academic and research leadership in this diverse discipline.

The Centre is the home of an academic excellence program in DHPC that spans research, education, and outreach. The Centre leverages existing work and synergism among faculty members who have demonstrated a solid level of recognition and scholarly achievements in related areas, as evidenced by funding and publications. This should lead to the creation of a coherent, interdisciplinary, and nationally and internationally recognized research and educational program in DHPC to enhance the university’s role in advancing Australia’s national agenda, while providing for the University a competitive edge among elite institutions in funding and student recruitment, at a feasible cost.

Albert Y. Zomaya
Centre Director and Professor of High Performance Computing and Networking

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