Teaching & Training

The establishment of the CDHPC is meant to substantially increase the training opportunities for computer scientists and engineers in Australia. The CDHPC provides training courses and summer schools to professionals, researchers, and postgraduate students. These courses complement and build on undergraduate and postgraduate work offered by the different members of the centre. CEXAR’s training activities can be summarized as follows.

Postdoctoral Research Program

CDHPC employs a number of recent doctoral graduates from other institutions in Australia and around the world. This promotes a constant flow of new research experience into the CDHPC and help to generate research alliances with other research groups. Postdoctoral fellows primarily work on the previously highlighted research programs and any future collaborative efforts with industry.

Postgraduate Research Program

There is already a vibrant base of research students at both PhD and Masters (research and course work) levels in the School of Information Technologies and the wider graduate programs in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies. CDHPC is committed to increase the breadth of training offered and aims to increase the number of opportunities offered to students. Offering top-up scholarships for holders of postgraduate awards, and full scholarships for high-calibre students increases the number of places for PhD students. Where appropriate, students can be jointly supervised by researchers from the partner institutions (CSIRO, NICTA, etc). The range of research projects is significantly broadened by access to the facilities of the partners and the collaborating organisation. Moreover, collaborating organizations and partners are encouraged to host students on site to immerse students in new research cultures.

Distinguished Visitors Program

CDHPC provides resources for hosting distinguished visitors to spend periods of time to interact with researchers and contribute to summer schools. These visits could vary from weeks to months, depending on available resources and the nature of the visit activity.

Undergraduate Education Program

The School of Information Technologies already runs some of the most popular degree programs in the country. Also, it has successful honours programs to which CDHPC contributes. Such contribution forms a very vibrant environment in which undergraduates have the opportunity to interact with postgraduates, researchers and visitors in the centre.


CDHPC’s researchers have a range of expertise and international reputation that allows them to take part in organising major conferences and symposia. CDHPC is in a position to regularly host and co-host national and international conferences relevant to its activities. These events bring visibility and recognition to CDHPC as a leading centre of distributed and high performance computing research, attracting key researchers from around the world.