CDHPC is a multidisciplinary research center and forms the basis for long-term partnerships and collaboration amongst industry, academia, and government. The centre activities are directly supported by the research needs of our partners in a cost-effective manner with pooled, leveraged resources and maximized synergy. The centre enhances the educational experience for a diverse set of top-quality graduate and undergraduate students; and advances the knowledge and technologies in this emerging field and ensures commercial relevance of the research with rapid and effective technology transfer.

High performance computing has been designated as a strength area for Sydney University and the proposed centre will enhance and provide more focus for research activities. The CDHPC will enhance the University’s image in providing solutions and leadership in key areas of national importance. The research activities in CDHPC will initially consist of the following five themes which will be led by members of the centre:

The above themes might be expanded in due course, however, the centre’s focus is large-scale distributed and high performance computing systems and any new themes need to fit this vision.