Vision & Mission

CDHPC’s mission is to establish a streamlined research, technology exploration and advanced training program. The Centre’s goal is to become a leading centre that undertakes collaborative multi-disciplinary research in support of distributed and high performance computing and related industries to enable advances in information technology and other application domains. CDHPC’s mission is achieved by putting in place several measures.

Firstly, the Centre is a national forum for scholarly DHPC research that acts as a vehicle for collaboration between computer scientists and scientists and engineers from other disciplines. Secondly, the Centre is intended to increase collaborative opportunities for researchers by providing a focal point for DHPC research that spans several disciplines, such as, algorithms, data mining, databases, green and cloud computing, networking, programming languages, and service science. Thirdly, the Centre strengthens DHPC research and fosters collaborative opportunities with the ICT sector and possibly other sectors (e.g. Biotech and Finance). This can be facilitated through the specialised provision of DHPC expertise that compliments the current ICT research efforts. Finally, the Centre brings together a critical mass of researchers to increase the total leverage of research funding from international initiatives, the Australian government, and industry. The combined team of the partners brings together close to 50 academics, research staff and postgraduate students with an expectation to grow to 80 members over the next few years.

As a result of the above provisions, CDHPC’s expected outcomes can be succinctly summarised as follows. First, the establishment of a unique national centre that stimulates research in DHPC based upon implementation and experimentation; in particular, to encourage testing, evaluation, and reuse of parallel and distributed algorithms. Second, the creation of a focal point for collaboration among professionals from a range of disciplines. Third, Provide independent expert advice to various bodies and industries. Fourth, the development of a critical mass of researchers to increase leverage of grants and industry funding, which is achieved by the combination of individually strong, but currently fragmented research groups. Lastly, conversion of DHPC research outcomes into practical applications for industry, and this will lead to income creation through the conversion of research outcomes into practical applications.