Our values

As a portfolio, our work is inspired and informed by two values that help the University achieve its strategic goals. They are:

  • engaged enquiry, which has direct relevance to our teaching and learning activities
  • mutual accountability, which addresses our working relationships within the University.

These values unite staff across our diverse range of areas, and we all work together to improve the student experience.

We put our values into practice by:

  • providing leadership and guidance on educational values, strategies and delivery. Read about our leadership in e-learning.
  • enhancing the co-curricular experience of all students, from their initial contact as prospective students through to graduation. Visit the Graduate Studies Office website.
  • promoting social inclusion – we attract and support promising students from diverse social and cultural backgrounds. Find out more about our social inclusion work.

Within our portfolio, we use collaboration and communication to maximise our impact and effectiveness. This approach allows us to lead and influence other parts of the University, and achieve successful outcomes.