Our vision

The Education portfolio believes and invests in a unified approach to learning – one learning community that makes a valuable contribution to the broad educational mission of the University.

We support universality of thought, knowledge, understanding and participation in learning. Our commitment to inclusion assists students from all backgrounds to participate in world-class university study.

As part of our commitment to encouraging the highest teaching standards, here is a snapshot of what we believe.

  • We believe in excellence.
  • We are committed to continuous improvement in our learning and teaching and excellence in our provision of learning environments and experiences.
  • We believe in creating and sustaining a University that fosters lifelong learning and promotes research-enhanced learning and teaching.
  • We believe in a University that offers a complete student experience and an exciting and stimulating environment for learning and teaching.
  • We recognise and celebrate the diversity of our students.
  • We aim to attract, retain and support the best students, whatever their social or cultural background.