This online program seeks to prepare academics at The University of Sydney for either serving on or chairing an Annual Progress Review (APR) panel for a higher degree research student.

The program has been designed by the Educational Innovation Team, at the request of the Senior Executive Group's Research Training Committee, and with input from academics and administrative staff who are involved in research training and education across the University.

The purposes of this program

The program seeks to enhance your ability, as a current or future APR panel member or chair, to do the following:

  • To understand the various purposes of the APR and be aware of some common pitfalls;
  • To develop effective strategies in preparing for, undertaking, and following up on the APR panels;
  • To keep abreast of key policies, resources and research that can help you to fulfill your APR panel responsibilities effectively and efficiently;
  • To build collegial expertise about APR matters across the University by giving you an opportunity to exchange experiences and viewpoints with colleagues from other disciplines and faculties.

(Please note: Additional development activities for APR panel members and chairs, designed by other University units, may become available later in 2014 or early 2015.)

If you are new to research supervision

Academics who are new to research supervision are strongly encouraged by the Academic Board (see Supervision of Higher Degree by Research Students Policy 2013) to undertake the Foundations of Research Supervision (FRS) program.

The FRS is a scholarly introduction to research supervision and a pathway to getting onto the Supervisor Register, which is maintained by the Graduate Studies Office.

The FRS includes online modules on various aspects of supervision (including a module on preparing for the Annual Progress Review). To get started on the FRS or to find out more about it, click here.



We gratefully acknowledge those who have played a key role in creating and managing this program, which was launched in February 2014. This includes Dr Cynthia Nelson, who researched, wrote, and revised the content; James Tracy and Ben Spiers, for web design/development; Susan Robinson, who coordinates the administrative aspects; and a number of colleagues from across the University for expert consultation and input, most especially Professor Jillian Kril, Professor Gabrielle Meagher, Dr Tai Peseta, Mr Simon French and Ms Fiona Pearson.

We are also grateful to those who, over the years, have undertaken and/or provided input to the Foundations of Research Supervision program. This includes colleagues in the Educaitonal Innovation Team (Formally the Institute for Teaching and Learning) and across the University, via groups such as the SEG Research Training Committee and its Supervision and APR Working Parties, and the Graduate Studies Office, as well as a number of individual supervisors and research leaders in the Faculties.

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