Sydney policies

Policy and Guidelines on the Internationalisation of Education and Research
In May 2008 the DVC International announced a new internationalisation policy for the University of Sydney, which can be accessed on the University website at You can also click here to go directly to the Policy and to the very useful Guidelines.

Plan for Cultural Diversity Awareness and Inclusiveness in Learning and Teaching (pdf).
In late 2006 the University's Cultural Diversity Working Party drafted this plan to support Faculties in their initiatives to increase and enhance inclusive practice in teaching and learning. The Plan (with the Guide below) was presented to the Learning and Teaching Committee, subsequently revised, and is now available here to support staff and faculties in developing more inclusive teaching and learning practices.
Guide for Reflective Practice: Cultural Diversity in Learning and Teaching (pdf)
Changing our practice towards greater inclusivity requires a degree of self-reflection and self-awareness. Recognising this, the Cultural Diversity Working Party devised this Guide for staff (and students) to prompt such reflection, and to be used in conjunction with the Plan.

Indigenous Education Strategy 2002-2004
As outlined in this strategy, the University remains committed to the empowerment and selfdetermination of Indigenous Australian people through education. This includes the provision of 'curricula and modes of course delivery that are informed by current research and the needs of Indigenous Australian communities'.

Generic Attributes of Graduates of the University of Sydney
The three overarching  attributes the University aspires to have its graduates develop are: Scholarship, Lifelong Learning, and Global Citizenship. In relation to 'Global Citizenship: An attitude or stance towards the world', the policy states that 'Graduates of the University will be Global Citizens, who will aspire to contribute to society in a full and meaningful way through their roles as members of local, national and global communities. For more detail, please see the Statement of Graduate Attributes

Academic Honesty
The University’s policy on Academic Honesty in Coursework includes a Template for Student Cover Sheets for students' individual or group assignments. For policy on plagiarism in prticular, see Student Plagiarism: Coursework - Policy and Procedure.