Curriculum Scholars Networks

The four Scholars Networks support priorities identified in the University’s Strategic Plan, particularly its commitment to Engaged Enquiry as the signature learning experience of Sydney's graduates.

  1. Engaged Enquiry Scholars - Dr Tai Peseta (CELT) & A/Professor Simon Barrie (RELT)
  2. Assessment – Dr Graham Hendry
  3. Widening Participation and Inclusive Teaching – Dr Amani Bell (with Mary Teague in the Social Inclusion Unit)
  4. Curriculum-embedded communication & language development – Dr Bronwyn James (with the Learning Centre) and A/Prof Alyson Simpson (Faculty of Education & Social Work)

The networks bring together the practices, expertise and enthusiasm of colleagues in faculties and central units in ways that connect them to wider university teaching and curriculum discussions. They provide staff with opportunities to both challenge and shape how we teach and design curriculum at Sydney.

Everybody is welcome to join these networks. By participating you will have opportunities to develop and contribute to institutional projects, undertake curriculum research, evaluate your teaching initiatives, and collaborate with others with similar interests. 

Formal invitations to join networks are also made to individuals on the basis of evidence of particular Scholarship of Teaching and Learning expertise (Teaching awards, Grants etc). 

Participation in the Curriculum Scholars networks is great way to demonstrate your expertise in teaching when you apply for promotion. They provide many opportunities for professional learning and development as an academic and can be a useful strategy to think about in your APD discussions.

The Networks will put you in touch with the expertise of colleagues as well as curated resources: for e.g., university policy, good practice case studies of teaching, institutional and national projects, research, conferences and events. 

If you’re interested in a topic please join a network – they are informal and a great way to meet like-minded colleagues. Get in contact with the Network Convenor for additional information.

The Curriculum Scholars neworks are an Educational Innovation initaitive that contributes to strategy three in the University Strategic Plan: Curriculum renewal

  •  (3f) Identify and empower scholars with expertise in curriculum development to champion curriculum renewal and best practice across the University
  • (3g) recognize and reward staff contribution to curriculum renewal and innovation