The Sydney Graduate

For students, the University of Sydney experience should be one that builds on their aspirations and provides opportunities for them to develop new ways of thinking; as global citizens, inquiring scholars, and as individuals with a lifelong passion and flair for learning. These are the qualities described by the University's statement of Graduate Attributes and are some of the outcomes of a University of Sydney education that allow our graduates to excel in the world of work and contribute as leaders and agents of social good in our society. 

These pages provide links to resources for staff and students seeking to make the most of educational opportunities to foster the development of The Sydney Graduate.

The University’s Strategic Plan commits the institution to Curriculum Renewal to foster the development of graduate attributes using the Sydney signature learning experiences of Engaged Enquiry and a rich co-curricular experience. As a university community we seek to foster the development of graduate attributes through students' participation in the rich intellectual and social life of the university, through the learning experiences of their courses and the diverse extra curricular activities available. 

The University of Sydney is a world leader in research in the field of Graduate Attributes. If you would like to get involved in this research please see the Research and Publications pages.