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Welcome to the Graduate Attributes website!

This page will help you as a student to get your head around the idea of what a "graduate attribute" is, and what they can do for you.

1. What are the attributes? (pdf)

2. What do current students have to say about it?

2.1. A First Year's Story about Foundation Skills

Foundation skills are the skills that support all the other attributes a graduate will come to possess. Foundation skills are like the beginning skills to work on when you first begin studying at University.

Click here to view students answering FAQ's about foundation skills:

  • What is a foundation skill?
  • Why I went to the Learning Centre
  • What I did there
  • Foundation advice for first year students
  • Foundation practical help
  • About essay writing classes
  • How foundation skills support the Generic Graduate Attributes
  • What are the Generic Graduate Attributes?

2.2. What is Research and Inquiry

Click here to view students answering FAQ's about research and inquiry:

  • What is R&I?
  • About foundation R&I
  • Advice for first years
  • How do you learn R&I
  • An example of a R&I task
  • Moving towards a postgraduate skills base

2.3. How I learned Ethical, Social and Professional Skills in my course

Click here to view students answering FAQ's about ethical, social and professional skills:

  • What is ESP?
  • About foundation ESP
  • Advice for first years
  • How do you learn ESP?
  • ESP during practicum tasks
  • What are some ESP skills?
  • How do you develop ESP?
  • ESP for the future

3. Help! I'm a first year student! Click here

4. What does my faculty say about the attributes? Click here

5. Communication

6. Useful links

Our foundation page - this page will take you to details of courses, units, and modules that are available in your faculty as well as other places around the University, through the learning and support centres. If you need a little support in any area, this is the place to start.

SWOT - the University-wide foundation page - the SWOT page is a great resource for all beginning students.

MyUni - your number one University resource.

Student Services - lots of useful info.

Thanks to the staff at the META Centre for their support and help with this aspect of the project.