Teaching @ Sydney

May 2013

Start your promotion portfolio now

The best advice about going for promotion is to start preparing a portfolio for your application as early as you can.

Although the next call for promotion applications will not be made until March/April in 2014, start thinking now about gathering the evidence you will need to make your teaching case. For example, standardised student evaluation forms will always have more credibility in your application than other forms which you might 'make up' from scratch.

Do you need to order the Unit of Study Evaluation form or other ITL standard form to obtain student feedback about your teaching? Place your order now for the USE for semester one.

In planning the case for your teaching, start thinking about what kinds of evidence you will need that will show your teaching is superior or outstanding.

Credible and convincing forms of evidence include:

  • unsolicited emails from your students about their learning experience
  • unsolicited emails from your colleagues about the influence of your teaching on their students, or about your mentoring or leadership in learning and teaching
  • emails about invited presentations on learning and teaching
  • your students' achievements including their performance in course assessments, or in the case of research students e.g., conference papers or other publications that they have successfully submitted and/or published

In particular, make sure you keep a Word file of all your USE student feedback comments, student emails etc. and cross reference them with a list of your units of study and other teaching.

In making your teaching case, there is nothing like real, genuine comments and affirmations to make your quantitative data in your application 'come alive' for the promotions committee.