Teaching @ Sydney

May 2013

Vice-Chancellor's Awards: Winners announced

The Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Learning and Teaching were this year awarded to nine individuals or teams for their contributions to the University’s commitment to excellence in learning and teaching.

Associate Professor Adam Bridgeman (pictured), Faculty of Science, was recognised for his Outstanding Teaching. Adam has maintained high personal achievements in teaching, alongside his ability to lead and drive curriculum renewal and evidence-based practice. His innovations show respect for students, and his recent voluntary appointment to coordination of the First Year Experience network is a further example of his strong commitment to excellence in learning and teaching.

Dr Melanie Nyugen and Dr Susan Banki were awarded Early Career awards for Outstanding Teaching.

Dr Melanie Nyugen of the Faculty of Health Sciences was commended for the range of her teaching activities and initiatives, and an innovative staff mentoring program which has been adopted faculty-wide and is well evidenced.

Dr Susan Banki of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences was commended for the wide reach of her teaching activities with impact outside the university, and recognised for her innovative work on simulation and its potential connectivity.

Two awards were made for Excellence in Research Higher Degree Supervision.

Professor Jennifer Alison, Faculty of Health Sciences, was commended as a caring supervisor who has employed best practice in accommodating diverse student needs, including maximising future employment opportunities and the development of her students as effective practitioners and academics.

Professor Des Richardson, Sydney Medical School, was acknowledged for his evident success and strong outcomes of his supervisory practice which is clearly based on his commitment to students and their achievements. The Dean of the Sydney Medical School describes Des' supervision as having the potential to “further enhance the reputation of the University of Sydney as a source of the next generation of Australian medical researchers”.

Two teams gained awards for their Support of the Student Experience.

The Pam Maclean Centre team (Professor Stuart Dunn, Professor Fran Boyle, Dr Paul Heinrich, Ms Jennifer Dibley) were commended for the impact of the Centre's innovative communication curriculum across all six clinical schools attached to the Sydney Medical School.

The Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Program team (Professor Craig Mellis, Ms Annette Burgess, A/Prof Chris Roberts, Dr Kirsten Black, Dr Renata Chapman) of the Central Medical School were commended for their program of key activities for senior medical students, with the overall objective of developing engaged enquiry experiences.

Two Faculties were commended for their work in Curriculum Review and received awards in the category of awards for Systems that Achieve Collective Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

The Sydney Nursing School (A/Prof Heather McKenzie and the faculty team) were awarded for their significant achievements in successful faculty-wide, sustainable curriculum renewal and the fundamental change in faculty culture which has resulted. The curriculum renewal strategy connects to all parts of the academic endeavour: to teaching and learning, to other faculties and to community engagement.

The Bachelor of Pharmacy Curriculum Review Team (A/Prof Jane Hanrahan, Prof Ines Krass, Dr Erica Sainsbury, Dr Rebekah Moles, A/Prof Parisa Aslani, Dr Romano Fois) were commended for their curriculum renewal of the Bachelor of Pharmacy, which was strongly evidence based, with a clear analysis of the issue, a concrete and systematic approach and clear outcomes. Evidence was provided of a spiral curriculum with themes returned to across the program and a culmination in the case study third, ‘signature year’.

Congratulations to all recipients of this year's Vice-Chancellor’s Awards.