Teaching @ Sydney

June 2013

Closing the loop: Central system now available for Unit Coordinators to respond to USE results

This year, for the first time, the USE system run by ITL provides an easy way to give responses to students. From mid-year, all students whose units of study have been surveyed will be given access to the quantitative reports of the student evaluations of their Units of Study. As a Unit of Study Coordinator, you can provide students with your written response to that report using this system. Some academic staff have been using their own systems to do this, and have found that responding or ‘Closing the loop’ tells students that their feedback is valued and encourages them to provide constructive feedback in future surveys.

Your written response could include comments about how students' feedback has improved your unit; planned initiatives for future improvement; and your contact details in case students have additional feedback. Examples of how to respond to student feedback are available here.

To assist you in interpreting your USE data, you could consult these guidelines. When considering how to improve the quality of your teaching, a quantitative USE report is only one source of data. Your consideration of recommended changes needs to take into account your teaching context and could draw on sources of information other than USE data, such as self-reflection and peer review.

To provide a written response to students, access the pull-down menu at the top of your electronic USE report through the ITL website using your Unikey.

Further details on this process, including the details of the USE reports accessible by students, are available.