EDPR 5003 - University teaching portfolios

Type: Core unit of study
Coordinator: TBC
Assessment: Analysing and writing a Teaching Case
Unit outline:  
Semester planner  

This unit has been designed to help you consider, articulate, develop and evidence your teaching aims, practices and achievements in a compelling and scholarly way, informed by the institutional context. By drawing on the research about teaching excellence and exploring how others have crafted cases about teaching excellence, you will have opportunities to reflect on how your disciplinary context shapes your aims and approaches to teaching, the evidence (types and status) about your teaching effectiveness, and the impact of your teaching on student learning.

The main learning activity is working towards the development of a teaching case that addresses externally set criteria. Working mostly individually but also at times collegially with other members of the class, you will plan, draft, and revise a document about your teaching. It is hoped that by the end of this unit, you will have practised crafting an engaging and rigorous account of your teaching that you can adapt for different purposes, audiences and contexts.