Faculty-Based Development Initiatives for Sessional Teachers

Faculties of Science, Agriculture and Environment, Veterinary Science, and School of Medical Sciences

Tutor and Demonstrator Development Program
Coordinator: Dr Charlotte Taylor 9351 5788
Website: http://science.uniserve.edu.au/courses/tutortraining/index.html

Faculty of Arts

Teaching Development Program

Orientation to Masters Coursework for Lecturers (offered once each semester)

Director Academic Support and Development, and Coordinator: Dr Martin Gibbs. Website: http://www.arts.usyd.edu.au/tdp/

Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies

Tutor Training
Coordinator: Dr Rod Fiford 9351 8923

The University of Sydney Business School

Tutor Development Program
Teaching and Curriculum support consultant: Stephanie Wilson 9351 7855
Website: http://sydney.edu.au/business/learning/staff/teaching_staff/tutors

NOTE:  There may be other courses available and not listed here. Please contact the Associate Dean Learning and Teaching in your faculty for more information.