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Issue 16, November 2001  

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Tai Peseta & Angela Brew
Bringing teaching and research together
Erica Sainsbury
Enhancing first year for Pharmacy students
Greening, Kay & Kummerfeld
An undergraduate unit in scholarly inquiry into teaching Computer Science
Stephen Cheung
Classroom experiments in Economics: A question of alignment?
Gaynor Macdonald
Teaching relevance and requirements: Challenges in unit design
Janette Bobis & Sharne Aldridge
Multiple (authentic) learning contexts: A vehicle for successful learning
Llian Merritt, David Reid, David Smith & Jennifer Simons
Using information technology to promote scholarly inquiry in teacher education programs, and the impact of web-based discussion on student learning
Manjula D. Sharma, Kathryn Wilson & Rosemary Millar
The use of feedback to describe sustainability and growth of a teaching development initiative
Elizabeth Elliott, Craig Mellis & Wendy Oldmeadow
Searching, appraising and applying the literature: A model for lifelong learning
Jennifer Cox, Edwina Adams and Edward Caruana & Robert Heard
Analysing progression in first year Medical Radiation Sciences
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