Engaging with learning

The work of the Education portfolio supports the University's core purpose of engaged and purposeful intellectual pursuit and critical enquiry.

Our work fosters collaboration and cooperation between areas of the University, helping us to achieve the University’s strategic goals.

There are three key areas of engagement for the Portfolio:

Engagement with Community
A group of students on the University grounds

A group of students on the University grounds

The Education portfolio is committed to connecting with, and enriching our community by bringing together people from diverse backgrounds. The portfolio effectively builds and maintains relationships with the community to raise aspirations and promote the University of Sydney. This engagement with the community practically enacts the University's part of its mission that aims to recruit and educate and support the most promising students regardless of their social or cultural background.

The University’s Strategic Plan 2011–2015 recognises that international students are an important part of our community. An international and multicultural university enriches the learning experience of all students. Staff from the International Student Office and academic staff from different faculties visit countries all over the world, representing the University at exhibitions and interview sessions and engaging with these diverse international communities.

Engagement within the University
Some of our students and their teacher in the classroom

Students in the classroom

The portfolio is committed to working alongside faculties to support students and enhance the student experience. Much of this work is done through Workslate items and the working parties and committees that report to the Senior Executive Group (Education).

The portfolio also coordinates several initiatives that require and promote positive engagement and collaboration within the University.
The Sydney Teaching Colloquium is held annually to engage University staff across the University in a celebration of teaching and learning. The Colloquium engages staff and student communities as partners in the University's educational mission of 'Engaged Enquiry'.

The 2013 event will be run from 2 to 3 October. Find out more about the Sydney Teaching Colloquium

Engagement with State and Federal Government
Vice-Chancellor Michael Spence walking with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Vice-Chancellor Michael Spence with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

The portfolio has a strong educational and legislative responsibility to engage effectively with both the state and federal governments. In particular, the Education portfolio enacts the Commonwealth commitment “to a fair and equitable higher education system that provides equal opportunity for people of all backgrounds to participate to their full potential and the support to do so”.

There are also substantial national and international compliance requirements which have to be met by all universities. These include, for example, compliance with Education Services for Overseas Students regulations, disability legislation and Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education reporting as well as those activities and operations that are monitored and reported upon by external audit processes, such as the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency or the collection and reporting of teaching and learning survey outcomes Course Evaluation Questionnaire.

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