About the Unit of Study Evaluation System (USE)

The University's Unit of Study Evaluation (USE) system was administered by the Institute for Teaching and Learning until the end of Summer School 2014/15. From early 2015, the USE was replaced by the Unit of Study Survey (USS).

The purpose of the USE system was to provide information for unit of study coordinators, Heads of Schools, Program Directors and Deans seeking to assess the effectiveness of units of study in order to plan and implement teaching and learning improvements. As with the new USS, the focus of the USE system was on the unit of study and not the individual. The key outputs of the USE system were:

  • Documentation of the quality of units of study and an indication of how units of study effectively contribute to the overall quality of students' learning experiences in a degree.
  • Recommendations by unit of study co-ordinators in the form of documented strategies which will maintain, or further improve, the teaching and learning quality of individual units.

The USE survey was conducted primarily via hardcopy questionnaire forms which contained 12 items. There were 8 standard items and 4 faculty designated items. Associate Deans Learning and Teaching consulted with staff in their respective faculties to determine the additional four items for inclusion on their faculty's forms.

USE results were disseminated to unit of study coordinators at the conclusion of each semester. University staff may login to view their past USE reports here.

For more information on the USE or the USS, please contact the the QA Group Surveys Team.