Unit of Study Evaluation Reports

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  • Each semester, the QA Group will process USE questionnaires and will provide electronic reports within two weeks of the completion of the formal exam period.
  • Electronic reports will be returned via email to the Unit of Study Co-ordinator and Heads of Department (if requested) identified on the order form.
  • The USE hardcopy questionnaire forms will be returned to the Unit of Study Coordinators when final processing and examination results have been submitted for all Unit of Study Evaluation surveys.
  • Surveys returned to the QA Group for processing without appropriate documentation, or where the administration guidelines have not been followed, will encounter a delay in processing.
  • The QA Group will also provide Heads of Department/School with an electronic copy of the statistical reports summarising the students' numerical ratings, for individual unit of study, if requested on the order form.
  • The QA Group provides Deans and Associate Deans Learning and Teaching with USE numerical survey results as a spreadsheet and by combining numerical data from standard QA Group Unit of Study surveys at a Faculty and School level in a summary report.

[See a sample USE Student Feedback report]

USE Response template

As well as the statistical report, the unit of study coordinator can also access and download a web based USE Response template. This may be used by Unit of Study Coordinators to summarise and integrate the student ratings, the student comments, data from peer review and self-reflection as well as to note relevant contextual factors. The USE Summary template concludes with space for recommendations for changes based on the integrated data. The completed template provides a record of issues identified, and actions arising from, the evaluation. The template might be completed by the unit of study co-ordinator, then printed out and attached to the USE student feedback report as a summary for Heads of Department.

This reporting process is designed to support Unit of Study Coordinators, Heads of Department Faculties in improving student learning.

[See a sample USE Response Template]