Our strategic priorities


The DVC (Education) Portfolio seeks to imagine and embrace the future of education. Members of our portfolio and of the wider university community commonly believe and invest in an educational project that binds teaching, research and support together in pursuit of a common purpose of engaging our students in lifelong learning.

The below outline provides not only principles but the concrete actions to achieve a university for our future society.

  • Our approach to learning and teaching needs to be fully integrated into the mission and practice of the university– a commitment to one learning community rather than to the discrete and fragmented activities of teaching and research. Our portfolio works collaboratively with faculties and divisions to encourage this integration of purpose and consistency of commitment.
  • A critical element of our portfolio’s current work is investment in teaching and learning facilities. We are doing this through the introduction of our new Learning Hubs, together with broader integrated planning to align the University’s mission for learning, teaching and research with the allocation, use and management of resources.
  • Our portfolio aspires to educational excellence and, therefore, is undertaking a curriculum review process to set the standard for quality performance and outcomes in the sector. A collaborative endeavour with all faculties, this process addresses how we measure our performance, the staff:student ratios, and the quality and timing of assessment feedback.
  • The portfolio has a strong, ongoing commitment to social inclusion. We have agreed targets for low SES and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student participation. Increasing participation through engagement with communities and schools helps us realise this commitment. The idea of a “university” claims universality: the universality of thought, knowledge, understanding and participation in learning. A commitment to inclusion, therefore, goes to the heart of what our portfolio stands for.

Key themes

We have identified three key themes, which provide a framework for the future of teaching and learning more broadly within the University:

Strategic Plan

Find out more about our 2012 Strategic Plan

  1. University-wide curriculum renewal
    To support the University and our faculties in developing and implementing a sustainable and coherent curriculum renewal strategy.
  2. Commitment to improving the student experience
    Improving the quality of the student experience through development of learning spaces, co-curricular participation and accessible support services.
  3. Creating a socially inclusive environment
    Adjusting our approaches to community engagement; student recruitment, admission and support; and teaching, curriculum and pedagogy.

Workslate projects

One key part of our portfolio's work is to develop the following areas, as part of the University's Strategic Plan 2011–2015.

  • curriculum renewal
  • student life
  • excellence in teaching
  • cross-disciplinary initiatives
  • developing research talent
  • social inclusion
  • learning spaces

You can also find more detail about our involvement with the University's strategic plan on the Vice-Chancellor's Work Slate page. Work Slate identifies and monitors University-wide projects and activities to ensure we reach the expected outcomes of our Strategic Plan.