Division of Learning and Teaching

The Division of Learning and Teaching implements the processes and procedures that have been recommended by the faculty's Learning and Teaching Committee to foster and recognise a strong dynamic and innovative learning and teaching culture.

Among the responsibilities of the division are:

  • providing opportunities to support improvements in teaching quality and
    the learning experience for our students

    developing and implementing quality-assurance strategies for learning and teaching
  • initiating and facilitating the implementation of the Learning and Teaching Plan
  • liaising with, and reporting on committees within the faculty and various working
    parties within the University
  • promoting and recognising excellence and innovation in teaching
  • administering the faculty's policy regarding academic honesty.

A visual representation of the work of the division shows how each major area contributes to improving the overall learning and teaching experience of students at the Faculty of Education and Social Work.

Support and information is made available to staff and to students, and processes for providing feedback are made available to both groups.

As part of its role in promoting and recognising excellence and innovation in teaching, the division is responsible for:

The division also administers and catalogues grants provided to the faculty, including those tied to teaching-performance indicators.

Lastly, the Study Unit Manger and Organiser (SUMO) – the Faculty of Education and Social Work’s Unit of Study (UoS) outline management system – was designed by the Division of Learning and Teaching. It stores UoS outlines and can automatically generate PDFs, webpages, comparative tables and reports.