International snapshot


The many internationally focused activities of the Faculty of Education and Social Work will be highlighted in this section of our web pages. I hope web users will be able to sense our continuing commitment to the University of Sydney’s internationalisation strategy, our welcoming of international scholars and groups (many of whom are long-term collaborators), and our efforts to ensure we showcase faculty and students’ reports of their international experiences.

I also trust that faculty members will benefit from being able to access this important information in what we might call a ‘one-stop clearinghouse’, where key data about our international work are collected centrally.

Of course it is important to add that much of our internationally focused work is ‘embedded’ in our pedagogy, or in the case studies we offer in our units, or in the research activities we undertake.

What can be seen in these pages is purely a ‘snapshot’ in time to hint at the various aspects of our international work. For many of our staff and students, simply being within our faculty is itself an ‘international experience’, indicating a real linguistic and cultural variety in much of what we do.

A global faculty

In a student body the size of a small town, international candidates for programs offered by the Faculty of Education and Social Work could form their own district.

In March 2010, nearly 250 students from 31 different countries and territories were enrolled in programs ranging from undergraduate teaching to PhDs. The map below shows the distribution of students as well as the programs in which they were enrolled.

To access the information about any particular country, simply roll a cursor on to that county on the map. Smaller territories and countries can be viewed by using the magnifier tool on the left of map.