Short-term international experiences

Undergraduate students enrolled in the Sydney School of Education and Social Work are also eligible to participate in the Short Term International Experiences Program (STIEP).

Under the direction of the Associate Dean, International, and the immediate supervision of the Director of International Projects the program draws funding from a variety of sources to provide students with an opportunity to examine different contexts in their professions and to structure a reflection upon the home context.

Students participating in the program are able to undertake immersion programs and teaching experiences in local schools in Korea, Indonesia, China and Malaysia while living in homestay accommodation with a local family and enjoying a cultural experiences program which is partially escorted by school academic staff. The program is available during vacation periods.

'Click' – our international trips in pictures

Japan, China, and Indonesia 2010 – trainee language teachers, from left, Samuel Burtt, Julia Zhu, Tanya Oriehova, Lachlan Marshall and Yun Yu Judy Chen, who each won a place on a Commonwealth-funded overseas study tour.

China 2008 – the Australia China Cultural Exchange Centre sponsored these trainee language teachers to immersion teaching experiences in Baoying County, China.

China 2008 – the trip to China enriched and informed each participant's understanding of students from other cultures.

China 2008 – many participants nominated classroom teaching as the highlight of the international short-term experience in Baoying County.

China 2008 – Baoying County's waterways and canals are both beautiful and functional. They include the Yangtze River and Jinghang Canal.

Korea 2007 – eight trainee TESOL teachers await departure to the third annual Teach in Korea immersion program and TESOL camp at Myongji College in Seoul.

Korea 2007 – Teach in Korea is funded by the Australia Korea Foundation and features homestay and cultural experiences with Korean students.

Korea 2007 – Myongji College is a Junior College founded in the 1970s, which has dedicated education-training programs in early childhood and adult education.

Korea 2006 – the 12 trainee TESOL teachers packed and eager to depart for the Teach in Korea program, offered for a second time by Myongji College.

Korea 2006 – the culmination of the English Camp program was a final presentation, where students demonstrated their learning outcomes by presenting language items.

Korea 2006 – the Australian teachers also had time on weekends to explore the South Korean culture, including the Korean Folk Village about an hour from Seoul.

Korea 2006 – the Australian students enjoyed dressing up in lavish, traditional Korean costumes to prepare for their final presentation play.

Korea 2006 – a highlight of the students' visit was again the trip to the DMZ, the 4km-wide, 250km-long, fortified buffer zone between North Korea and South Korea.

Korea 2005 – the inaugural group of 12 trainee TESOL teachers at Sydney Airport ready for departure to Seoul to participate in the Teach in Korea program.

Korea 2005 – the trip to the demilitarised zone made a lasting impression on many of the students in the first group and became a regular part of the itinerary.

Indonesia 2005 – a small group of trainee Indonesian-language teachers took part in an immersion program attached to the University of Pagdang, West Sumatra.

Indonesia 2004 – students took time out from teaching in Penang to experience both traditional Minangkabau dress (above) and a day trip to Lake Maninjau (next slide).

Indonesia 2004 – the trip was made possible by funding from a University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific (UMAP) grant from the Australian Government.