Australian Theatre, Film and Learning (EDUF3034)

Theatre performances and films are significant and exciting components of Australian culture and an understanding of Australian society is enhanced by knowledge of Australian theatre and film.

Drama and film are also integrated components of Australian education curricula. This unit of study will examine the nature of theatre and film in Australian cultural and educational settings, including theatre and film depictions of issues that affect indigenous Australians. A particular focus will be placed on theatre and film for, and by, young people, especially the learning experiences that take place through young people’s engagement in, and appreciation of, theatre and film.

As well, the role and nature of Australian film and theatre will be placed within an international context so that students can examine the international forces influencing Australian culture.

Australian Theatre, Film and Learning will provide firsthand experiences of Australian films and theatre performances through field trips to significant theatre performances and festivals, Australian school performances and the viewing of Australian films studied by young people.

By attending Australian theatres and viewing Australian films, students will gain an appreciation of the contribution these performing arts make to Australian society. The unit will provide international students with valuable insights into Australian society and culture as well as encourage reflection on the role of theatre and film in the learning experiences of all societies.

Field trips

Students will attend four field trips and have the opportunity to critique three Australian films in class. The field trips involve attending and analysing performances at such places as the Australian Theatre for Young People, the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Theatre Company.

About the staff

Course coordinator

Dr John Hughes


Associate Professor Michael Anderson