Australian Theatre, Film and Learning (EDUF3034)

Always wanted to visit Australia? If given a choice, which of the following would you jump at the opportunity to experience: throwing a shrimp on the bar-b; boxing a kangaroo; patting a koala on Bondi Beach? Australians would know that one of these is illegal, one impossible ... and the key ingredient in the third is known locally as a "prawn" (thanks 'Hoges').

Australian Theatre, Film and Learning (EDUF 3034) dispels the tourist clichés and encourages you to discover an Australia that is diverse, urbane and has one of the world's oldest indigenous cultures.

Through attending Australian written and produced theatrical performances, in mainstream as well as in independent theatres, viewing films and other media, you will have the opportunity to discover and critique how Australians define themselves today and what it is to "be Australian" in the 21st century. This unit also gives you the chance to participate actively in lectures and tutorials.