Visiting scholars 2007

International Snapshot Visiting Scholars - 2007 Archive

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Name Institution Country Dates Sponsor Area

Al-Zoubi, Abdallah Yusef

Princess Sumava University of Technology


21 Jun–
10 Aug

Professor Peter Reimann/Professor Peter Goodyear

CoCo research into the application of technology into interactive learning

Carr, Wilfred

University of Sheffield


19 Feb–
11 Mar

Professor Derrick Armstrong

Collaborative research with Derrick Armstrong

France, Alan

University of Loughborough


30 Mar–
20 Apr

Professor Derrick Armstrong

Working with Derrick Armstrong on childhood and youth research

Greif, Geoffrey

University of Maryland


1 Mar–
31 Mar

Professor Raewyn Connell

Research into male friendships with Raewyn Connell

Hayes, Debra


19 Feb–
1 Apr

Professor Derrick Armstrong

Contribute to MTeach and BEd

Hearne, Philip

London Academy


1 Feb–
31 Mar

Professor Derrick Armstrong

Leadership and professional learning, conducting training

Hogan, John

Australian National Schools Network


28 Jan–
1 Feb

Associate Professor Debra Hayes

Working with Debra Hayes on shared projects

Hughes, Lesley



8 Aug–
30 Nov

Professor Barbara Fawcett

Social Work programs

Ingvarsddottir, Hafdis

University of Iceland


1 Feb–
30 Apr

Professor Derrick Armstrong

Research project with Derrick Armstrong

Issarapakdee, Apinyan

University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce


15 Jul–
15 Jan 2008

Dr Lindy Woodrow

TESOL: developing a business-English course

Kumai, Nobuhiro

Gukushuin University


1 Apr–
31 Mar 2008

Professor Peter Reimann

Research into ICT-supported language and teaching

Lai, Po-Yin (Miranda)

Hong Kong Institute of Education

Hong Kong

1 Mar–
28 Jun

Associate Professor Richard Walker

Develop a collaborative link in educational and developmental psychology between HKLED and the University of Sydney

Lee, Chai-Na (Janet)

National Chung-Hsing University


3 Mar–
31 Aug

Dr Kevin Laws

Organisational learning

Li, Qiaoping

Central University of Finance and Economics


10 Oct–
30 Sep 2008

Professor Anthony Welch

Quality assurance in Australian higher education

Lindmark, Daniel

Umea University


1 Nov–
28 Feb 2008

Professor Geoffrey Sherrington/
Associate Professor Craig Campbell

Research aspects of secondary-school history teaching and curriculum in Australia

Miller, Carole


1 Jul–
14 Jul

Professor Robyn Ewing

AELE research network through the Division of Professional Learning

Mustapha, Ramlee

National University of Malaysia


1 Sep–
30 Nov

Associate Professor Lesley Harbon/Associate Professor David Evans

A literature search in the area of comparative education between Malaysia and Australia/TESOL in the Malaysian education system

Neelands, Jonothan

University of Warick


22 Oct–
29 Oct

Dr John Hughes

Faculty Research Festival

Olmedo, Irma

University of Illinois-Chicago


1 Aug–
17 Aug

Associate Professor Lesley Harbon

Research into teaching English to speakers of other languages

Ow, Rosaleen

National University of Signapore


1 May–
31 Jul

Professor Barbara Fawcett

Social Work and Policy Studies program

Strnadova, Iva

Charles University

Czech Rebulic

29 Jan–
21 Mar

Associate Professor David Evans

Special education: autism

Yu, Baohua (Lucy)

University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong

1 Jun–
31 Dec

Professor Barbara Fawcett

Collaborate with Barbara Fawcett to write an application for funding to assist research into cross-cultural adaptation and second-language acquisition

Zafiroska, Valentina


20 Mar–
15 Sep

Professor Anthony Welch

Research multicultural policies in Education