Visiting scholars 2008

International Snapshot Visiting Scholars - 2008 Archive

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Name Institution Country Dates Sponsor Area

Amy, Nancy

University of California-Berkley


20 Sep–
1 Jun 2009

Associate Professor Jennifer O'Dea

Collaborate with Jennifer O'Dea to conduct the Sport, Food, Youth and Health study: obesity and nutritional analysis

Bannert, Maria

Chemnitz University of Technology


1 Sep–
31 Mar 2009

Professor Peter Reimann

Metacognitive prompting when learning with hypermedia; cognitive load and multimedia learning; influence of motivation on knowledge acquisition and building in computer-supported collaborative learning environments

Chao, Mei-Sheng

National Taiwan Normal University


15 Jun–
12 Sep

Professor Peter Reimann

Online learning strategies

de Mattos, Carmen

State University of Rio de Janeiro


1 Sep–
1 Mar 2009

Professor Raewyn Connell

Research with Raewyn Connell

Derntl, Daniel

University of Vienna


23 Jul–
20 Aug

Professor Peter Goodyear

Exchange of research topics, interests and projects between CoCo and the Research Laboratory for Educational Technologies

Guzzetti, Barbara

Arizona State University


15 Oct–
15 Nov

Dr Angela Thomas

Collaborate with Angela Thomas to research girls in cyberspace: resources and gender issues

Hung, Fan-Sing

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong

1 Sep–
30 Nov 2009

Philip Jones

Seeking Higher Education Abroad: Chinese students' choices and the reasons for them

Jackson, Carolyn

Lancaster University


27 Oct–
19 Dec

Professor Derrick Armstrong

In schools: how girls and boys navigate uncool-to-work discourses; motivation, particularly fears of failure; the impact on girls of strategies to raise boys’ attainment levels: ‘laddishness’; co-education versus single-sex

Liang, Zhan Zhan

University of Southampton


1 Oct–
31 Dec

Professor Anthony Welch

WUN Partner University: researching partnerships between universities in the UK and Australia with China

McConaghy, Cathryn

University of New England


1 Feb–
15 Dec

Associate Professor Debra Hayes

Education and social policy, particularly in the field of education and poverty

Reynolds, Jill

The Open University


2 Mar–
25 Apr

Professor Barbara Fawcett

Service-user involvement in producing course materials

Rwantabagu, Hermeneglide

University of Burundi


1 Sep–
14 Sep

Professor Anthony Welch

Collaborate with Tony Welch to research education in Australia: tradition, globalisation and language policy in multilanguage societies

Sears, Alan

University of New Brunswick


1 Jan–
31 Mar

Professor Murray Print

Publications comparing citizenship-education policy and practice across several jurisdictions

Strnadova, Iva

Charles University

Czech Republic

1 Feb–
31 May

Associate Professor David Evans

Collaborate with David Evans on various projects to investigate learning difficulties and disabilities

Tierney, William

University of Southern California


31 Mar–
2 May

Professor Derrick Armstrong

Provide expertise and guidance in exploring the potential for establishing the creation of a tertiary education centre

Tinkler, Penny

University of Manchester


27 Oct–
19 Dec

Professor Derrick Armstrong

Give presentations about aspects of the history of girlhood in Britain, and the feminisation of smoking in Britain from the 1850s  

Tsung, Linda

University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong

1 Sep–
30 Nov

Huizhong Shen

Foreign-language teaching and learning in minority nationality regions