Visiting scholars 2009

International Snapshot Visiting Scholars - 2009 Archive

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Name Institution Country Dates Sponsor Area

Cole, Ardra

Mount Saint Vincent University


5 Sep

Professor Robyn Ewing

Caregiving and Alzeimer's disease

Emilia, Emi

Indonesia University of Education


23 Nov–
22 Feb 2010

Professor Frances Christie

Collaborate with Frances Christie the write a book and develop a joint research proposal about the writing ability of students in Indonesia

Helms, Lelia

University of Iowa


1 Jan–
30 Jun

Professor Anthony Welch

Comparative educational policy: US versus Australia

Hill, Helena

Soedertoerns University College


1 Nov–
31 Dec

Professor Raewyn Connell

To work on masculinity politics and present a seminar about research into the Swedish men's movement

Kali, Yael

Israel Institute of Technology


31 Aug–
1 Sep 2010

Professor Peter Goodyear

The use of design principles and the DPD for designing ICT-based learning environments

Kim, Jangdae

Seoul National University

South Korea

23 Jul–
22 Aug

Dr Nigel Fraser Bagnall

Bullying in schools in Australia and Korea: examining the cultural contributions of each nation to safe school life

Knowles, Gary

University of Toronto


5 Sep

Professor Robyn Ewing

Examining the possibilities of arts-informed perspectives in transforming research

Levy, Philippa

University of Sheffield


17 Dec–
26 Dec

Professor Peter Goodyear

Discussions with Peter Goodyear and others about the potential for collaboration in areas of mutual interest

Nguyen, Nam Hong Thi

Can Tho University


19 Oct–
18 Nov

Dr Kevin Laws

Develop knowledge and skills in administering the professional-experiences programs of student teachers

Pan, Jian Hong

Wuhan University of Technology


28 Sep–
27 Sep 2010

Professor Michael Jacobson

Research science education and learning theories

Trinh, Quoc Lap

Can Tho University


23 Feb–
30 Jun

Dr Kevin Laws/Professor Derrick Armstrong

Develop a collaborative project that will involve universities in Thailand, Indonesia and Cambodia investigating global citizenship

Zhang, Ran

Shanghai TV University


25 Jun–
25 Oct

Dr Kevin Laws

HRM and NPO: comparative research in Australia and China, looking at practices and problems