Visiting scholars 2011

International Snapshot Visiting Scholars - 2011 Archive

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Baynham, Michael

University of Leeds


10 Sep–
28 Sep

Associate Professor Ken Cruikshank

To work with the research team on the ARC project "Maximising Australia's Language Provision" developing research tools and frameworks; to contribute to a symposium on Language and Identity; to work with the TESOL Research Network

Caws, Catherine

University of Victoria


25 Sep–
15 Dec

Professor Peter Goodyear

Critical analysis of learners' use of IT for language learning; integrating eLearning within the language curriculum; students' development of digital literacies

Flowerdew, John

City University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong

30 Oct–
31 Dec

Professor Brian Paltridge

In consultation with Professor Paltridge on two book projects. Action, content and Identity in applied genre analysis.

Flowerdew, Lynn

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Hong Kong

30 Oct–
31 Dec

Professor Brian Paltridge

Research on a book by means of a literature review, drawing also on the expertise of Professor Paltridge who has published extensively on a genre-based approach to the teaching of thesis and dissertation writing in a second language.

Groves, Christina

Charles Sturt University


1 Aug–
5 Aug
14 Nov–
18 Nov

Professor Peter Goodyear

To pursue some common research goals in the field of literacy education with colleagues on the Charles Sturt University site

Levin, James

University of California - San Diego


28 dec–
1 Feb 2011

Professor Michael Jacobson

To collaborate with CoCo given his background in cognitive psychology and learning technologies which will allow him to participate and contribute to several ongoing research projects.

Lingrin, Eva

Umea University


1 Oct–
23 Dec

Dr Marie Stevenson

In collaboration with Dr Stevenson. Academic writing and the relationship between characteristics of their texts and their writing processes

Plath, Debbie

University of Newcastle


1 Jul–
23 Dec

Professor Barbara Fawcett

Research on the implementation of evidence-based practice in the human services

Rogers, Theresa

University of British Columbia


1 Sep–
31 Aug 2012

Associate Professor Michael Anderson

Observing arts, media and literacy projects led by Dr Anderson, that complement her own work on media-integrated literacy practices with marginalised youth in schools and communities in Vancouver, Canada and Botswana, Africa

Sugawara, Satoshi


22 Nov–
15 Feb,

Professor Michael Jacobson

Research on Complexity Theory

van Aalst, Jan

University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong

4 Apr–
1 Jul

Dr Rachel Wilson

To work on corporate research project with Dr Wilson