Visiting scholars 2012

International Snapshot Visiting Scholars - 2012 Archive

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Abdullah, Anna Christina

University Sains Malaysia


23 Jul–
21 Nov

Alison Elliott

To research the state of practice of multicultural education in pre-school settings with regards to teacher preparation.

Brunila, Christina

University of Helsinki


6 Dec–
18 Dec

Dr Dorothy Bottrell

To work with Dr Bottrell on research on youth transitions.

Coxhead, Averil

Victoria University of Wellington

New Zealand

21 Nov–
12 Dec

Dr David Hirsh

To continue a research agenda with Dr David Hirsh on vocabulary in a second language.

Dimitriadis, Yannis

University of Valladolid


1 May–
31 Aug

Professor Peter Goodyear

To work with Peter Goodyear on an ARC project. To understand and support the processes of orchestration of computer supported collaborative learning (CSCL) situations.

Do, Thi Xuan Dung

Hue University College of Foreign Languages


28 May–
30 Jun 2012

Associate Professor Lesley Harbon

To study management of international programs and English Language Education.

Garcia Alvarez, Antonio

Autonomous University of Madrid-UAM


30 Jun–
30 Sep

Associate Professor David Evans

Hospital schools in Australia: Evolution and Contemporary situation of institutions engaged in the improvement of quality of life for sick children and adolescents.

Gros, Begona

Universitat Oberta de Catalunva


1 May–
31 Jul

Professor Peter Goodyear

The design of e-learning activities to support inquiry learning with CoCo.

Halverson, Erica

University of Wisconsin-Madison


15 Jun–
31 Jul

Dr Jen Scott Curwood

To work with CoCo on research with regards to youth media arts organizations and the role of artistic production in the identity and literacy development of young people.

Halverson, Richard

University of Wisconsin-Madison


15 Jun–
31 Jul

Dr Jen Scott Curwood

To study how information technologies have influenced, and can shape, public school learning environments.

Kokkinakh, Aikaterini

University of Bristol


21 Jun–
3 Aug

Professor Peter Goodyear

Use of Online Environments for educational purposes in order for social constructivist teaching and learning practises to be supported.

Langlands, Jayne

University of Salford


13 Aug–
31 Aug

Professor Barbara Fawcett

To develop an understanding of social work as a profession that recognises how local,national, international and global contexts, separately and together, influence the meaning of "social work", the practices that constitute it, and the identity of "the social worker".

Le, Thi Kieu Huong

Deakin University


6 Aug–
28 Sep

Dr Rachel Wilson

To conduct a research project entitled “International student experience on university learning environment and support services: An exploratory study on Vietnamese and Chinese students” in collaboration with Dr Rachel Wilson.

Madsen, Aase

School of Social Work, VIA University College, Aarhus


15 Oct–
2 Nov

Dr Ruth Phillips

To work with Dr Ruth Phillips on 2 units of study: Research Skills for Social Work and Global Social Policy.

Sim, Seong-Bo

Busan National University of Education


1 Aug–
31 Jul 2013

Professor Murray Print

To work with Professor Print researching links between civil society and civic education in a global era.

Sloep, Peter

Open University of the Netherlands


31 Oct–
25 Nov

Professor Peter Goodyear

To continue research on networked learning/technology enhanced learning.


Stockholm University


6 Feb–
9 Mar

Professor Gabrielle Meagher

Collaboration with Professor Meagher on a joint publication.

Thoren, Katarina

Uppsala University


9 Oct–
20 Oct

Professor Barbara Fawcett

TThe visit is part of a EU-Australian faculty and student exchange project called "The meanings and practices of social work".

Yates, Lynette

University of Melbourne


20 Jul–
5 Aug

Professor Peter Freebody

Leading researcher in Knowledge Building in Schooling and Higher Education.

Yeo, Sang-Hee

Kyungpook National University


17 Jun–
2 Sep

Professor Peter Goodyear

Researcher in e-learning of Medical school in Korea, e-PBL between KNU Medical School and Hawaii University, and Technologies in Medical education - all which overlap with CoCo interests.