Visiting scholars 2013

International Snapshot Visiting Scholars - 2013 Archive

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Alston, Margaret

Monash University


20 Jan–
20 Jun

Dr Lesley Laing

Research on gender and climate change in Bangladesh.

Chang, Hee Sun

Seoul National University

South Korea

1 Sep–
31 Aug

Dr Minkang Kim

To investigate current practices in moral and civic education as part of a cross-national research project in the Asia-Pacific region, in collaboration with Beijing Normal University, China.

Dohn, Nina Bonderup

University of Southern Denmark


19 Jun–
17 Jan 2014

Professor Peter Goodyear

Research the theoretical development of the concept of ‘primary contexts’ and of the significance of such contexts and the knowledge held there for motivation and learning in networked environments and the practice-oriented development of a “guide to designs for learning” which builds on the approach to networked learning expressed in this strand. This will result in two international journal articles written in collaboration with Peter Goodyear and/or CoCo.

Elstad, Jon

NOVA - Norwegian Social Research


10 Mar–
13 Apr

Professor Gabrielle Meagher

Dr Elstad has researched social differences in adolescent health behaviours.

Gilbert, Jenny

University of Bedford


10 Oct–
30 Nov

Dr Tony Loughland

Work based learning in primary schools: Innovative practice within the practice within the practicum for preservice teacher education. The aim is to share the experience of the practicum element of pre-service teacher education between England, Australia, and Canada; to compare the effect of the policy landscapes in each country; and to inform government policy on teacher education.

Martin, Helene

University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland


1 Sep–
31 Dec

Professor Raewyn Connell

Interested in the research activities and networks on gender studies.

Oviatt, Sharon

Incaa Designs


10 Sep–
10 Oct

Professor Michael Jacobson and Professor Peter Reimann

To conduct Fulbright proposal research; to explore how students learn in educational settings, and aims to develop a new research area called multimodal learning analytics (MMLA) which analyzes natural rich communication modalities during situated learning activities involving both human-human and human-computer interaction.

Vabo, Mia

NOVA - Norwegian Social Research


10 Mar–
13 Apr

Professor Gabrielle Meagher

To share interests with Gabrielle Meagher in the reorganisation and marketisation of elder care services in Nordic countries.