Visiting scholars 2015

International Snapshot Visiting Scholars - 2015 Archive

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Name Institution Country Dates Sponsor Area

Bui, Thai

Son La Specialized High School


1 Jun 2015 –
30 Sep 2015

Dr Tony Loughland

To advance her mentoring and leadership expertise in order to improve current educational challenges in her province of Son La, Vietnam and beyond.

Chapman, Janna

University of Bath

Bath, UK

27 Jul 2015 –
27 Nov 2015

Dr Susan Colmar

To complete research work and also work with Dr Colmar as an assistant running the Psychological and Educational Tests’ and Resources library involving the maintenance of the collection and arranging access to these materials for student groups.

Ho, Christina



1 Jul 2015 –
30 Nov 2015

Dr Helen Proctor

To research on gentrification and school choice in Sydney.

Mohanty, Tanaya

Fakir Mohan University

Odisha, INDIA

16 May 2015 –
24 Nov 2015

Associate Professor Tim Allender

To develop the research project The Making of the Middle Class in Eastern India, which examines the origin and growth of the middle class in Orissa, a province in eastern India at key historical junctures; colonial, post-independent India, and liberalized era.

Mu, Bohua

Taizhou Polytechnic College

Taizhou, PRC

1 August 2015 –
1 Feb 2016

Professor Stephen Garton

To compare Chinese and Australian Higher Education Management

Munoz-Cristobal, Juan Alberto

University of Valladolid

Valladolid, SPAIN

13 May 2015 –
19 Aug 2015

Professor Peter Goodyear

To progress the ARC Laureate Project "Learning, technology and design: architectures for productive networked learning.

Nguyen, Thu

University of Technical Education

Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM

1 Mar 2015 –
30 Apr 2015

Dr Tony Loughland

To further her project in In-service English teachers: An agent of change – Perspectives of Mentoring for Teachers of English in Vietnam.

Sorensen, Tore Bernt

University of Bristol

Bristol, UK

16 Oct 2015 –
4 Dec 2015

Professor Tony Welch

To further project which concerns the international governance of the teaching profession, with a particular focus on the background and political construction of the OECD programme Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS). 

Cai, Lianyu

Zhejiang Normal University

Jinhua, CHINA

1 Sep 2015 –
31 Aug 2016

Professor Tony Welch

To research the Internationalisation of Chinese Universities.

Morosin, Simona

Ca' Foscari University

Venice, ITALY

3 Sep 2015 –
30 July 2016

Professor Michael Anderson

To gain training and do research on Drama Teaching (Process Drama) and Neuroscience.