Teacher education advisory board

The Teacher Education Advisory Board, established in 2012, has a membership drawn from the broad community served by our teacher-education programs. The draft terms of reference for the board is:


Informed by their knowledge and experience of teacher education, the members of the advisory board shall provide advice to the dean of the faculty, the program directors, the associate deans (academic programs; undergraduate and pre-service; postgraduate) in respect to:

  • the nature and quality of the curriculum of the undergraduate, pre-service, and postgraduate teacher education programs (including approaches to professional experiences; directions for development of the structure and content of the courses)

  • proposed development of new or revised courses including changes to professional experience to reflect emerging needs and opportunities

  • any issues needing to be addressed arising from accreditation reports, student evaluation of programs and our own quality assurance processes

  • issues arising from developments linked with national and state policy agendas and priorities

  • innovation of our teacher education programs, potential collaborations, and strategic relationships between the faculty and our stakeholders

  • strengthening our alumni connection.

Advisory board members

  • Photo
  • Tom alegounarias
    Tom Alegounarias
    NSW Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards
  • Cindy Berwick
    Cindy Berwick
    NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group
  • Paul Brock
    Adjunct Professor
    Paul Brock AM FACE, FACEL
    Director of Learning and Development Research in the office of the Director-General
    NSW Dept. of Education and Training
  • Daniel Brooks
    Daniel Brooks
    MTeach Graduate/Secondary Teacher
    Canley Vale High School
  • Cathie Burgess
    Cathie Burgess
    Lecturer in Education and Aboriginal Studies
    Faculty of Education and Social Work
  • Jon Callow
    Jon Callow
    Program Director, MTeach, Primary
    Faculty of Education and Social Work
  • Susan Colmar
    Susan Colmar
    Program Director, MTeach, School Counseling
    Faculty of Education and Social Work
  • Lyndsay Connors
    Adjunct Professor
    Lyndsay Connors AM FACE
    Chair, TEAB
    Faculty of Education and Social Work
  • Wayne Cotton
    Wayne Cotton
    Associate Dean, Teacher Education, Program Director, SAGE
    Faculty of Education and Social Work