Program directors

BEd(Primary Education)

Dr Christine Preston

BEd(Secondary Education: Humanities
and Social Sciences), BA
BEd(Secondary Education: Mathematics), BSc
BEd(Secondary Education: Science), BSc

Alison O'Grady (Acting Director)

BEd(Early Childhood Education)

Dr Marianne Fenech

Professional Experiences

Dr Kathy Rushton

Study Abroad

Dr Wayne Cotton

MTeach(Primary Education)

Dr Jon Callow


Associate Professor Lesley Laing

BEd(Secondary Education)(Human Movement
and Health Education)

Associate Professor Donna O'Connor

Dr Louisa Peralta

MTeach(Secondary Education)

Associate Professor Jackie Manuel

MTeach(Early Childhood Education)

Dr Marianne Fenech

MTeach(School Counselling)

Dr Susan Colmar


Dr Susan Heward-Belle

Acting Master of Policy Studies

Associate Professor Margot Rawsthorne

Education I-IV

Associate Professor Debra Hayes

DipEd (Aboriginal) and BEd (Aboriginal Studies)

John Hobson