The work of the school is administered through eight offices:

  • Undergraduate and Pre-service Programs administers the undergraduate teacher-education programs of the Sydney School of Education and Social Work (including honours degrees) programs, graduate-entry teaching and undergraduate and graduate-entry social work.

  • Postgraduate Programs administers the postgraduate coursework programs of the school.

  • Professional Learning provides professional development opportunities and courses, including independent units of study, for the education and social work communities.

  • Professional Experiences administers the practicum programs in education courses and the fieldwork programs in social work.

  • Doctoral Studies is responsible for professional development events for teachers, educators and social workers.

  • Research coordinates and supports research within the school.

  • Learning and Teaching coordinates teaching and learning strategy within the school.

  • International Relations is responsible for international exchange and study programs, including visiting scholars, and for international students in all the school's courses.