Office of International Relations

The office was formed to develop, foster and coordinate the quality management of international activities within the school. As part of this core business, the office is responsible for developing partnerships with various education related stakeholders internationally and locally; providing professional-development opportunities for the teaching profession internationally and locally; and helping to market postgraduate programs offered to international students. Its principal tasks are listed below.


  • exchange programs for academic staff between institutions

  • links with various elements of the teaching profession in order to provide fee-paying professional development activities (short courses)

  • collaborative research projects, consultancies and other professional activities

  • publicity and marketing strategies for international relations activities.


  • international relations activities in the school

  • the overseas practicum/internship programs

  • international student recruitment activities.


  • the visiting scholars' program

  • research and other appropriate professional development consultancies.

Professional development courses for international scholars

Through its Professional Learning team, the school organises short courses for visiting international groups of academics, school, university and government administrators and postgraduate students. These courses are designed to meet the special needs of the overseas institution.