Professional experiences – teacher education

Placements are commonly in blocks across a diverse range of sites, augmented by additional dispersed day observation programs and longer, more independent teaching experiences within internships. For primary and secondary preservice teacher education, the school’s professional experience programs are aligned with professional teaching standards for graduate teachers which as of 2013, are described in a framework of national standards.

Free online professional learning support for teachers involved in the supervision of preservice teachers is provided by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) to assist in the understanding of how to apply the national standards at the graduate-teacher level.

AITSL has video illustrations of the graduate standards that assist in bringing the standards to life for supervisors, mentors and preservice teachers.

Detailed information about the specific professional-experience programs relevant to a particular degree can be found under the menu items listed on the left of this page. Additionally, handbooks for various programs are available on this website.