About the Youth, Sport and Health Research Network

Welcome to the homepage of the Youth, Sport and Health (YSH) Research Network within the Faculty of Education and Social Work at the University of Sydney.

Aims and objectives

The YSH Research Network is situated within the interrelated areas of health and sport, exploring both areas separately and the relationships between them. It aims to contribute to knowledge about, and strategies for promoting, healthy fulfilling lives for children and youth by conducting and publishing research on health, sport and other physical activity from broad perspectives. These perspectives go beyond, yet include, disease prevention to include all aspects of what it means to lead a healthy lifestyle for children and adolescents and the ways in which particular types of physical activity such as sport can contribute toward good health.

While sport holds a particularly important position in Australian culture research conducted within the network will go beyond sport to include other forms of physical activity but will focus on sport in schools, school-based physical education and in community-based clubs. Included in its scope is the ways in which schools, community bodies, parents and others involved with the development of young people can impact positively upon their health and their involvement in physical activity.