Research grants 2007

Research Grants - 2007 Archive

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  • The pedagogy of the screen: developing a praxis of video education through case-based research.
    Anderson, M.
    University of Sydney Research and Development (ECR) Grant: 2007

  • Innovation or anachronism? The International Baccalaureate as instrument of curriculum reform.
    Bagnall, N.
    Canadian High Commission Research Program: 2007

  • Redesigning schools and school leadership: an Australian comparative case study.
    Blackmore, J. A., & Hayes, D. N.
    ARC Discovery Project: 2007-2009

  • Using machine learning and automated document analysis methods to support English composition training.
    Calvo, R., Reimann, P., & Paltridge, B.
    ARC Discovery Project: 2006-2008

  • The Australian Middle Class and School Choice: A Generational Study of Changing School Participation Patterns Preferences and Values.
    Campbell, C. B., & Sherington, G. E.
    ARC Discovery Project: 2005-2007

  • Positive Pathways to Reading for Disadvantaged Children: Identifying Psychosocial Antecedents and Implementing Effective Intervention to Enhance Literacy, Self-concept, and Motivation.
    Craven, R. G., Martin, A. J., Vinson, T., Johnson, W. J., Slator, P., & Tracey, D.
    ARC Linkage Project: 2006-2009

  • Effective Teaching and Learning Practices for Students with Learning Difficulties Initiative.
    Evans, D.
    NSW Department of Education and Training (NSWDET); Catholic Education Commission NSW; Association of Independent Schools of NSW: 2007

  • Developing Evidence-based Practice to Support Students with Learning Difficulties and Disabilities: International Perspectives.
    Evans, D. G.
    International Program Development Fund (IPDF): 2007

  • Evaluating Senior Literacy Teaching.
    Ewing, R.
    Freshwater Senior Campus Research Grant: 2007

  • Researching the Development of a Community Writers Kit and Series 3 Literacy Resources.
    Ewing, R.
    Indigenous Readers Project: 2007

  • The Le@rning Federation Research Phase Three.
    Freebody, P.
    Commonwealth Curriculum Corporation: 2007

  • Disciplinarity and classroom practice: epistemological issues in the analysis and improvement of teaching and learning.
    Freebody, P. R., Christensen, C. A., Bahr, N. M., & Wright, A. H.
    ARC Discovery Project: 2006-2008

  • Transforming the technologies and modalities of learning: the case of the New Life Sciences in secondary schooling.
    Freebody, P. R., Hedberg, J. G., Nichols, K. C., & Van Rooy, W. S.
    ARC Discovery Project: 2007-2009

  • Teaching, technology and educational design: the architecture of productive learning environments.
    Goodyear, P.
    Carrick Institute of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education Senior Fellowship: 2007

  • Learning through online and co-present discussion in higher education: Expectations, experiences and outcomes.
    Goodyear, P., Prosser, M. T., & Ellis, R. A.
    ARC Discovery Project: 2005-2007

  • Blended learning in schools, TAFE and universities: experience, principles, patterns and practice.
    Goodyear, P., Prosser, M. T., Ellis, R. A., Blackwell, S., & McNeill, M.
    ARC Linkage Project; NSW Department of Education and Training (NSWDET): 2005-2008

  • Evaluation of Leading Quality Professional Learning.
    Hayes, D.
    NSW Department of Education and Training (NSWDET): 2007

  • Three year evaluation of the Leading Quality Professional Learning Project (Australian Government Quality Teaching Program).
    Hayes, D., Ewing, R., Armstrong, A. C., & Anderson, J. A.
    Professional Learning and Leadership Directorate (NSW DET): 2007

  • Evidence-based practice in out-of-home care: LAC Looking after children.
    Head of Social Work
    Kate Ogilvie Memorial Fund Bequest: 2007

  • The public university in Australasia (1850-1918).
    Horne, J. J., & Sherington, G. E.
    ARC Discovery Project: 2005-2007

  • Equity and access: analysing the level and pattern of funding of teaching and learning resources in Australian schools.
    Horsley, M.
    ARC Linkage Project: 2007

  • Approaches to study and uses of technology among students of the 'net generation'.
    Hu, C.
    University of Sydney Research and Development Grant: 2007

  • Development of a high level Case Management Policy Framework.
    Irwin, J.
    NSW Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care: 2007a

  • Pilot project on Glebe Housing Estate.
    Irwin, J.
    NSW Department of Housing (Central Sydney Region): 2007b

  • Working from the Ground Up: A Participatory Approach to Community Regeneration in Public Housing Neighbourhoods.
    Irwin, J., Baldry, E., Vinson, T., & Goodwin, S.
    ARC Linkage Project: 2008-2012

  • Edna Ryan Award.
    Irwin, J., & Laing, L.
    Women's Electoral Lobby (WEL): 2008

  • Towards better practice: Enhancing collaboration between mental health and domestic violence services.
    Irwin, J. L., Laing, L., & Napier, L.
    ARC Linkage Project; Fairfield & Liverpool Mental Health Service: 2005-2008

  • Rethinking timelines: A new methodology for describing and communicating history.
    Johnson, I. R., Robertson, S. M., Reimann, P., & Mostern, R.
    ARC Linkage Project: 2007-2011

  • AusAID at work: the design, delivery and impact of Australian aid to education in Asia and the Pacific.
    Jones, P.
    ARC Linkage Project; AusAID: 2007-2009

  • Reforming Initial Teacher Education.
    Laws, K., & Harbon, L.
    International Program Development Fund (IPDF): 2007

  • Asian perspectives on citizenship and citizenship education.
    Lee, W. O.
    University of Sydney Bridging Support Grant: 2007

  • Children and sport: Children's reasons for joining and staying in organised club sport.
    Light, R.
    University of Sydney Research and Development Grant: 2007

  • The well-rounded person: the role of sport in shaping physical, emotional and social development.
    Lumby, C. A., Probyn, E. C., O'Dea, J. A., & Albury, K. M.
    ARC Discovery Project: 2006-2010

  • Intersections between education, research and information technology: the state of the art and prospects of learning science and e-research in Education.
    Markauskaite, L.
    Visiting Research Fellowship Competitive Grants Program 'Returning Brains', European Union Re-integration Scheme: 2007

  • Psychological determinants of physical activity across the life span and critical life transitions: Cross-sectional longitudinal causal modelling and experimental interventions.
    Marsh, H. W., Jackson, S. A., Martin, A. J., & Brown, W. J.
    ARC Discovery Project: 2004-2007

  • Maximising Real Education ACHievement-The REACH Project: Integrating motivation and self-concept to optimise students academic outcomes at school.
    Marsh, H. W., Martin, A. J., & McInerney, D. M.
    ARC Discovery Project: 2005-2007

  • Middle Years Transition Engagement and Achievement in Mathematics. The MYTEAM Project.
    Martin, A., Bobis, J., Anderson, J., & Way, J.
    ARC Linkage Project; Sydney Catholic Education Office: 2007-2010

  • How are welfare-to-work and workplace reforms affecting young people and children at risk?
    Meagher, G.
    Australian Research Alliance for Children & Youth (ARACY) : 2007

  • Scholarship Programs for International Students.
    O'Connor, D., & Bennie, A.
    Sport Knowledge Australia Pty Ltd; DEST Scholarship: 2007

  • Accessing the cultural conversation: investigating participation and non-participation of young people as audiences of live theatrical performances in Australia.
    O'Toole, J. R., Burton, B. V., Ewing, R. A., O'Brien, A. M., Bundy, P. J., Donelan, K. J., et al.
    ARC Linkage Project: 2008-2012

  • Geodiversity of Mole Creek Caves, Tasmania.
    Osborne, R.
    Department of Environment and Heritage Research Grant: 2007a

  • Preliminary assessment of the KARST geomorphology and geoheritage of the Moparabah Temagog and Sebastapol areas near Kempsey, NSW.
    Osborne, R.
    Department of Environment and Climate Change (NSW) Research Grant : 2007b

  • Writing in the academy: the practice-based thesis as an evolving genre.
    Paltridge, B., Starfield, S., & Ravelli, L.
    ARC Linkage grant: 2007-2011

  • A synthesis and evaluation of research into the effectiveness of computer-mediated feedback for English for academic purposes writing teaching and individual writing development.
    Paltridge, B., Woodrow, L., Phakiti, A., & Stevenson, M.
    Educational Testing Services, US: 2007

  • Comparative Analysis of Early Intervention Programs for Young Children with Autism.
    Parmenter, T., Evans, D. G., Carter, M., Silove, N., & Williams, K.
    ARC Linkage Project; Autism Association of NSW: 2005-2008

  • Modeling the relationship of strategic competence to reading comprehension test performances over time by adult English as a foreign or second language (EFL/ESL) tertiary students.
    Phakiti, A.
    University of Sydney Research and Development (ECR) Grant: 2007

  • A study of advances in care planning in end-of-life decision-making.
    Pockett, R.
    University of Sydney Research and Development (ECR) Grant: 2007

  • Youth cultures of eating: A cultural analysis of youth obesity, gender, class, ethnicity and generation.
    Probyn, E. C., & O'Dea, J. A.
    ARC Discovery Project: 2005-2007

  • Parental Participation in Parents & Citizens Committees.
    Rawsthorne, M.
    Federation of Parents & Citizens Associations of NSW: 2007

  • Designing for mobile learning in a technology museum.
    Reimann, P., & Dong, A.
    ARC Linkage Project: 2006-2008

  • Analyzing and supporting cooperation management in online learning communities.
    Reimann, P., Kay, J., Yacef-Cullum, K., & Goodyear, P.
    ARC Discovery Project: 2005-2007

  • On-line processes in second language academic writing.
    Stevenson, M.
    University of Sydney Research and Development (ECR) Grant: 2007

  • Using mobile IT to support sustained student inquiry in learning environments beyond the classroom.
    Stewart, K., Reimann, P., Jobson, M., Kay, J., & O'Brien, T.
    DEST ASISTM Project: 2007

  • Examination of students' thinking and learning through their online interactions.
    Sutherland, L.
    University of Sydney Research and Development Grant: 2007

  • Teaching effective 3D authoring in the middle school years: Multimedia grammatical design and multimedia authoring pedagogy.
    Unsworth, L., & Thomas, A.
    ARC Linkage Project; Australian Children's Television Foundation: 2008-2011

  • Higher education in the 21st century: Access and equity.
    Welch, A. R.
    Fulbright New Century Scholarship: 2007

  • The Chinese knowledge diaspora and the international knowledge network - Australian and Canadian universities compared.
    Welch, A. R., & Yang, R.
    ARC Discovery Project: 2007-2009

  • Constituencies for welfare: Public responses to Australia's new welfare state.
    Wilson, S. A., & Meagher, G. A.
    ARC Discovery Project: 2007-2008