History of education

History of education is a field of inquiry characterised by diversity of topic, method and approach, yet unified by a focus on the making of social systems and practices in the past and over time. Research in this area is frequently directed towards better understanding the origins and operations of current education settings. Areas of inquiry include – but are not restricted to – histories of policy, ideas and institutions, curricula and teaching methods, postcolonial education perspectives, feminism and the profession, transnational and the cross-cultural transferral of ideas, the experiences of the teacher, both past and contemporary, students and their families as well as teaching and learning in non-formal forums. History of education is one of the broadest research fields in the Faculty, with much scope for new work and fresh perspective.

Researchers in this area include:

Associate Professor Tim Allender Associate Professor, History of Education, History Curriculum; History Curriculum Coordinator; Combined Degree Programme Director ; Affiliate, History Department, Faculty of Arts; Education III Coordinator; Secondary Practicum Coordinator; Research Manager
Keywords: History, Postcolonial, History Curriculum, Feminist History, Classroom Disciplinarity, Knowledge Transfer
Associate Professor Craig Campbell Honorary Associate Professor, History of Education
Keywords: history of secondary education, history of adolescence, history of schooling, school choice
Dr Elizabeth Cassity Lecturer, Comparative and International Education; Honorary Lecturer
Keywords: Comparative Education, Education Policy, International Development, Foreign Aid, Equity, Education Contexts
Associate Professor Jacqueline Manuel Associate Professor, English Education; Convenor, Arts, English and Literacy Education Research Network (AELE); Curriculum Coordinator, Secondary English Education; Affiliate, Department of English, Faculty of Arts; Undergraduate Scholarships Committee; Program Director (MTeach, Secondary)
Dr Helen Proctor Senior Lecturer; Research Higher Degree Student Co-ordinator; Research Progress Manager – Division of Doctoral Studies; Thesis Proposal and Examination Coordinator, Office of Doctoral Studies
Emeritus Professor Geoffrey Sherington Professor in History of Education
Keywords: universities, elites, education, access, curriculum
Ms Christabel Wescombe Honorary Associate, Faculty
Adjunct Professor Paul Brock AM FACE FACEL Adjunct Professor
Keywords: English literature, language, literacy and curriculum; history of NSW education; teaching and learning; educational public policy development; educational equity; professional teaching standards; physical and intellectual disability
Dr Yeow-Tong Chia Lecturer, History Curriculum Education
Keywords: History curriculum, citizenship education, history, state formation, comparative and international education
Dr John P. Hughes Honorary Associate
Keywords: citizenship education, history of secondary education, history of schooling, school choice
Dr Lesley Hughes Honorary Senior Lecturer
Dr Heather Weaver Honorary Lecturer
Keywords: history of schooling, visual literacy, media and cultural studies, democratic learning